Lazy summer days, an business plans.

Oh man what a great week an a bit it’s been.  Being on holiday is great, but it would be even better if I knew that it was being funded by my own business!

It’s not too bad having to go back to working for someone else tomorrow, it’s an outdoor job so at this time of the year it’s pretty cool working in the sunshine.

I’ve taken a week off of exercise, to let my body rest before starting again next week, and I’ll start off lighter before going back onto the 5/3/1 routine I’ve set up for myself.

Actually it’ll be nice to get back into a proper routine again tomorrow, going to work, eating healthy, exercising, working on the business — obviously it’d be much better if going to work was completely all for myself, but hey ho that will come later down the line.

Actually thinking about it, I’ve not been too bad on the eating front this last week, had a fair bit of alcohol but that’s just cos Wimbledon was on lol …. I’ve not gone overboard on the chocolate an cake, which is good for me as I looooove chocolate an cakes!

Made a huge business decision this week, which was coming, but never really knew it was there – I’ll reveal more soon enough.

Can’t be arsed to write anymore, lethargic from this heat wave, and having sat around doing lots on the laptop for the business.

Until next time…



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