Weightlifting PR’s and my butt hurts!

Well, Wednesday was fecking great.  I equalled my barbell overhead press PR of 62kg x 1, but this time I am 1-2kg lighter, so that was pretty damn cool.  As always I logged it on Fitocracy… https://www.fitocracy.com/entry/24129872/

I did get a little frustrated though when I tried, unsuccessfully, three times, to lift 64.5kg – but then once I’d done a few sets at a slightly lighter weight I realised that I can’t expect to get a much bigger max than that, when I don’t really lift more than 80% of that max very often.

I know that it’s simple, in that to lift heavier I’ve got to lift heavy, more often – but I’m a little impatient and although I’m making great progress over the last few months especially (only started a new routine 2 months ago), I think I was expecting miracles from it lol.

I also don’t know what effect my day job on the fruit farm has on my strength levels either, although it shouldn’t have mattered this week, seeing as though I’m on holiday.

I’m pretty sure it’s got nothing to do with nutrition as I’ve slowly put on a couple of kg’s in bodyweight over the last few months too, and it’s definitely more muscle than fat as my waist measurement has stayed the same if not decreased by about a quarter of an inch, but my chest, arms and legs have all got slightly bigger.

But I have noticed that my weight has plateaued from the previous reading to last week’s reading.  I think from what I eat to how much exercise I get from work and the weight lifting my body is at its limit at 69.5/70kg.

So it could well be that I need to somehow get a few more calories in, but trying to consume organic/whole food sources that are cheap enough to squeeze into my already stretched budget isn’t easy.

Obviously eggs and the raw milk we get is cheap enough so I’ll try a few additions like that starting from next week, and we’ll see how it goes.

Anyhoo, it’s 2pm and nearly time for my max squat session, it will be interesting to see the outcome as squats are something that I need help with from my partner as I don’t have a proper squat rack.

She has to stand behind me when I try max lifts and if I get stuck in the hole she has to slightly take the weight of the bar so I can get back up.

I know that some point in the very near future I’m going to have to get a better squat rack, but that’s a money issue so isn’t going to resolve itself anytime soon, especially with the business taking up any spare cash.

Right, I’ll be back in a few hours……………………………………

Saweeeeet as bro!  Managed to beat last years squat PR by 0.5kg!  But again this time I’m a couple of kgs lighter so I’m pretty chuffed with that.  I did struggle to get out of the hole but managed to have just enough to push up and out.

I did attempt 124.5kg but got stuck and my partner had to help ease the weight of the bar up with me.  Ah well can’t complain at that, even a slight increase is good!

And because I didn’t feel too whacked from them I decided to add in my weighted ring push-ups as well, and boy were they hard.

Attempted a PR of 40.5kg x 1 and not only did I nail it, I then went on to push out 43kg x 1 as well!!  Although I haven’t actually set a PR on weighted ring push ups before today, the best I’ve done was 31kg x 9, so I wasn’t sure what my max would be.

I had worked out from the 9 rep max that I should’ve been able to do 40kg x 1, so when I hit it and still had a little bit left in the tank I got really chuffed!  The 43kg x 1 was seriously hard, I managed to get about 3/4 of the way back up and my arms just wouldn’t lock out, I wobbled a little bit on the rings and then after a few seconds managed to summing enough strength to lock it out, wahoo!

As always I’ve logged the workout on Fitocracy… https://www.fitocracy.com/entry/24167859/

So overall this week has been a resounding success max wise.  I went into the week thinking I might be able to get close to all over last years PR’s, but instead I’ve matched them, or increased them ever so slightly, and I’m lighter in bodyweight too, so that’s freaking awesome maaaaan!! 🙂

Anyway, I need to go do some lunges or some glute foam rolling as all this sitting down on the laptop and watching the tennis is making my butt ache pmsl …. can’t wait to get out and about tomorrow, this weekend and next week, hopefully the weather holds out!

Until next time…



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