Deep thoughts for a meaningful future.

I could really get used to working for myself from home.  Being able to go to bed late any day I want, knowing that I can get up a few hours later and can just push back any work by a few hours.

And this is what I’m working towards, but sometimes it seems like it will never come.

I know I’m being impatient and good things take time, and yes of course it’s only been 7 months since the business really started, but I really wish I could just quit my day job right now and have enough finances to keep me going.  And I say me, but I really mean myself and my partner, the business takes care of itself financially at it’s current size.

I’ve tried being a minimalist in the past, when I lived in a caravan for 2+ years, I sold anything and everything that I could get decent money for, paid off debt and ‘tried’ to save money.

Notice that I say ‘tried’!

Although I had more money available each month to do what I wanted with, for some reason I just couldn’t save it, and I didn’t know why, until now.

I realised that whenever I have spare cash, if I didn’t have a long term plan for it, then it had a tendency to be spent on something else.

That something else was usually a spur of the moment thing, and wasn’t normally something that I needed right then and there.

Yes when I was living in the caravan, I did kind of have a long term plan, but I wasn’t doing anything on a daily basis to get there, just thinking that having the money would make it arrive.

That plan was just to work for myself, and simply to have more money to enjoy the things I like, chocolate, football, technology and being around the beach/sea/countryside.

Anyway, as the months went by in the caravan any money I had went on those things, but because of the low pay of my day job (on a fruit farm), the money didn’t last very long and when various expenses came up (car, health, socialising etc) it didn’t leave any money for the things I liked.

So I realised that if I was to truly have the things I liked, and live comfortably whilst having them, I need to either get a higher paying job for someone else, or build something that lets me work for myself.

Alas, I made the latter choice, and started the business I’m currently running, along with my partner.

I couldn’t think of a job for someone else that I’d want to do, that would pay enough for the lifestyle I wanted to lead, well,  that is without having to get some kind of paper qualification, and that isn’t happening, end of.

So here I am, working for someone else during the day time to make everyday ends meet (just), and then running my own business on the side.

It’s rather stagnant at the moment though.  I know it’s a great idea, and no-one else is doing it, but we can’t get any funds to grow it any further than we currently have as all personal options are used up.

So it’s got to build slower than we’d like, but ultimately what that does allow us to do, is really understand if it’s something that we want to do long term – and so far the answer has been a resounding yes!

But, and it’s a big but, the business will rely on being able to persuade other people that the products offered are worth it.  They’re made with more care for the people and the environment, so from our point of view it’s a no-brainer, but other people don’t seem to think that, at the moment.

Anyhoo, I’m jabbering on now, although I’ve just realised something…… I haven’t even mentioned, nor advertised anywhere on this blog what the business is yet.

The only reason is that I think people will be put off the business when they see the real me who helps run it behind the scenes.

So perhaps I shouldn’t put my thoughts up on the web if I want the business to succeed?  Or perhaps I shouldn’t be concerned what others think of my personal opinions.  In fact I probably shouldn’t be bothered what other people think, as long as they buy some products pmsl, but then that’s not the point of the business!

It’s an evolving thing, with no real future plan (mainly because I don’t believe in making plans) so I’ve got to get used to it evolving slowly, as long as I’m directing that evolution everything should be hunky dorey.

Hmmm strange thoughts today, I’ll have to think on those thoughts a bit more.

Until next time…



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