Relaxation, thinking time and Bitcoins yet again.

Ahhhh, the weekend is over, and normally I’d be at work on the fruit farm about now, but alas I’ve forced myself into having 2 weeks holiday, oh the hardship heh heh.

I’ve decided to use the first 4 days to get ontop of business related things, and make some plans for the remainder of the year, and then the remainder of the time off will be spent with family and enjoying days out to the beach etc, well hopefully if the British weather gives me some sunshine anyway!

Spent most of this weekend chillaxing and looking at Bitcoin related things – I’m so fecking excited by it, it feels exactly the right time for a digital currency to make it’s mark, and it’s funny reading about how the old world banks and various governmental organisations are trying to get their heads round it.

I still can’t quite get my own fucking head round it, the whole Bitcoin thing is still relatively new to me, but I trust other people who appear level headed and if they’re willing to use it as a currency, then fuck it, so am I!  And isn’t that the point of currency?  It is whatever two people see fit to exchange with each other for one an others service/product etc.

These governmental organisations that are making out how dangerous etc Bitcoin is, are exactly right, it is dangerous simply because it takes the control of currency out of their hands and puts it back into the hands of us the people, well, if it ever was in our hands, but either way, we’re more in control of Bitcoin then they are, and they hate it, muwahahahahahaaaaazar … ahem, sorry about that!

Anyway, I’m still learning about all this, so I won’t say any more, I’ve got plenty still to read.

I didn’t do my main leg workout this weekend. When I woke up Saturday I felt really slow and my muscles just felt thick and heavy.  It was a hectic week on the fruit farm, as I’ve said before, we were a man down this week, which makes a big difference when there is only 3 of us who do the main heavy farm work anyway!

I managed to have enough in me to do my 2 midweek workouts, but it must’ve caught up with me this weekend, and I gave it a miss and just did some bodyweight stuff, which as always I logged on Fitocracy…

I did break my push up PR from last year which was 44 straight reps, this time I did 46 reps, whoop!  All with near perfect form too, from arm lockout at the top to my chest just touching the floor and elbows tucked into my sides, none of these half fucking reps, where the elbows are flared out to the side, chest getting nowhere near the floor etc … these were proper man push ups grrrrrr … pmsl.

I’ve decided to reset the 5/3/1 program I started 2 months ago, with being on holiday these next two weeks it was going to make it very difficult if at all to get the workouts in, so I’ve decided to use this week as a max week, to see what my 1 rep maxes currently are, and to generally take it easier for a week.

It will be interesting though to see if the last 2 months of 5/3/1 have made any real increases to my strength, it certainly feels like it has over the last few weeks of lifting stuff for 9-10 reps that this time last year I was chuffed at lifting for 4-5 reps, so we’ll see.

Next week I’ll start again with a new 5/3/1 cycle, using my new maxes as the starting point, and see where I get to after another few months of it – it seems to be the best routine that I can work around working on the fruit farm, and the last 2 months I enjoyed working out more than I have for a while, so I’ll stick with it for now.

I also watched some athletics this weekend, I love watching humans try and beat each other running, throwing, jumping etc, it’s great.  I do sometimes wish I had been more sporty/competitive when I was younger as I feel now more competitive than I ever have and do regret not being part of some club etc.

I feel that I’ll join some club of some kind in the near future, not sure what though, maybe some kind of athletics club for oldies lol … because 35 is so old in athletic terms!

Oh, and I watched a couple of movies this weekend too, one of which included Django Unchained …. man Tarantino is a fucking great film maker.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I didn’t see the trailer for it, I just read the description, saw that Tarantino was the producer and gave it a watch – and I wasn’t disappointed, a definitely must watch for anyone that hasn’t seen it!


Until next time…






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