Personal weightlifting record, bitcoins and dissing other people!

Well, first day of me olidays went pretty well, plenty of lazing around, watching the start of Wimbledon and reading lots on Bitcoin etc … oh and a PR on deadlifts baby!!!

The plan this week was to try 1 rep maxes on the main lifts, out of curiosity mainly, but also to make sure my overall strength hasn’t decreased from last years 1 rep maxes.

I set up a plan today to do deadlifts and then if I felt ok to do a few lighter movement’s after them, however, after an hour of deadlifting I called it a day, but I’m pretty chuffed with my max of 152.5kg!  Yes it only beat last year by 0.5kg but I’m nearly 2kg lighter than last year.

Here’s a picture (taken from a video) I found of me from last year lifting 152kg…

Look at me ma, I can lift heavy stuff!!
Look at me ma, I can lift heavy stuff!!

I’m certainly 1kg lighter than last year as I have a log I keep which says I was 70.5kg when I lifted a PR on deads, however, I did have a tendency last year to underestimate my weight by 0.5kg or so as I started putting on more bodyfat than I liked and didn’t want to admit I was heavier – I was trying to bulk up but was doing it the wrong way by trying to do it too quickly and with the wrong foods.

I eventually lost about 4kg by the end of the year as I stopped eating the bad foods, but also some good foods and then also got ill twice in a short space of time and couldn’t workout properly for nearly two months.

This year I’ve noted that I started it at 67kg and at the moment I am hovering around the 69.5/70kg mark, but I am bulking much slower and by eating the right foods, and in amounts I can afford on my fruit farm wage!

So todays 152.5kg x 1 deadlift at 69.5kg bodyweight is pretty damn good in my books!

The business had a couple of Bitcoin orders today, and then a higher than normal visitor rate to the website, well I say higher than normal, I mean higher than before we started accepting Bitcoin!

It’s certainly garnered some fresh new interest in the business, but I don’t think a lot of people want to spend that little bit more money (Bitcoin or not) on organic and fairtrade clothing — which is a shame because people obviously don’t care enough about those that make their clothing, but in the same breath I must say that more people are starting to care, so it’s a slow process, and at least it’s going up and not down.

Of course it would help if we had more of a choice of clothing, but alas the catch-22 situation of needing money from sales to buy more to sell to then sell more …. err, I think I got that right lol.

At the moment the business has maxed out our personal finance options and because of our lower paid day jobs we can’t get anymore.

Friends and family are not able to help as they’re not particularly great with their finances, in that although they earn a decent amount more than us, they seem happy to spend it on random stuff that they think makes them happy, and yet stop using it/throw it away within a year — or spend it on stuff that doesn’t make them healthier/stronger etc.

I’m probably in the minority here, but we’re able to life a comfortable life on a lower wage, we’ve got a big screen tv, satellite, smart phones, very good internet at home, a car, nice clothes, most of all we’re also able to afford to eat healthy nutritious food too.

But yet people who earn more than us seem to be happy spending it on the same things, and then think they need to also spend it on clothes they don’t need, food that is full of shit, too much alcohol, going out too many times etc etc …. and then wonder why they’re struggling on more money than we are living quite comfortably on!

I don’t know, people are strange really, they don’t seem to be able to look up off the floor and see where they are going, and then when they get there wonder how the fuck they got there in the state they are.

Fuck me, that was a bit deep pmsl, right enough of that judgemental shit, people live the way they live, I live the way I live, enough said.

Right I’m off watch to some Wimbledon tennis as Andy Murray is on soon, come on muzzaaaaaaa, and then probably to read some more Bitcoin stuff, it is the hot topic of the moment after all!

But before I go, this writing stuff down again does seem to highlight things …. mostly for me how seemingly uninteresting my life really is pmsl … ah well, we can’t all be Indiana Jones can we??

Until next time…



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