Got that Friday feeling.

Aaaaah Fridays, the last day of the working week on the fruit farm.  No less manic than any other day, nor less physical either, but in the back of my mind I always know that I’ll be relaxing more than normal once the days end comes.

Getting two lots of farmers markets plants ready today took up most of the day, then I continued planting out some squash plants out in the fields and then it was time to go home, wahoo! 🙂

Friday is junk food day for me, I allow myself a pig out meal and some sweets an fizzy pop or alcohol.  I generally also relax a little at the weekend with a few extra things in my meals that I wouldn’t have during the week.

I like to stick to a 80/20 rule when it comes to my eating, 80% healthy and 20% junk, and it see’s me right, it allows me to feed my body what it needs to keep strong an healthy when I’m lifting weights and working on the fruit farm, and then I also get my sweet tooth satiated as well!

Anyhoo, business wise we had more Bitcoin orders today, which is good, got to make a plan at the weekend for more promoting of the fact we accept Bitcoins.

Our normal orders have tailed off as the month goes on, it seems the pattern is a mad glut at the beginning of each month, when most people get paid it seems, and then it slowly tails off as the month passes.

I’m sure that will change as we get a wider range of clothing and therefore more variety as well, perhaps the orders will spread out over the month.

Got two weeks holiday now, which is good as it means plenty of planning for the business, got to work out financing etc, making sure the business will be around for the remainder of the year, with the aim of really pushing on next year.

Hopefully the weather will be good and we’ll be able to get out an about the next few weeks, down to the beach etc.

Until next time…



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