Fence Building, Bitcoin Excitement Subsides and a Typical British Summers Day!

Todays theme on the fruit farm was fence building, in the bloody damp drizzly nastiness that is the typical British summer lol.

We’ve been putting up a huge fence all around the acre of land we will be using for planting squash, pumpkins and courgettes into, and we’ve got to make it extra secure to stop deer and rabbits getting in and eating all the plants!

The drizzle wasn’t quite heavy enough to get really wet from, just a nice humid dampness, but it didn’t deter me from wearing my shorts and small shoes, so it still felt summery even though I was damp lol.

Thankfully no exercise tonight as my shoulder were feeling thick and heavy from yesterdays overhead presses, what with all the van loading and unloading at work as well, and all the fence building, they definitely need it!

The initial Bitcoin glut has eased back a bit now, only a few orders yesterday, but the interest is still there as the website still received above average hits for the day.

It’s a shame we can’t get the financing together to buy a wider range of stock as I’m sure there would be more orders if we had a wider variety of clothing, especially for men.

I’m still puzzled as to why people that make organic and fairtrade clothes don’t seem to think men care as much as women about what they wear, there are only a handful of companies that make mens clothing and the variety they offer is pretty poor really.

Oh well, I’m sure it will change as time goes on, we’re in this for the long haul so no hurry!

Ahhh, think I’ll watch some Hawaii-5-O tonight and perhaps some Bones too, I like a nice mung in front of the TV sometimes!

Until next time…



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