Sunshine, weightlifting and Bitcoins!

Phewee, another busy day for the business, yet more Bitcoin orders, and nearly as many visitors as yesterday too.

Need to look at which company to use for withdrawing our Bitcoin to fiat currency, had a quick look last night and it seems the fee’s are very low, which is one thing that draws me to Bitcoin as a payment, unlike current companies that charge stupid amounts to process your transactions.

Hopefully the interest in buying from Organic Wardrobe with Bitcoins continues!

Work on the fruit farm was physically draining today, it’s been very hot and humid, and because we’ve got another chap off on holiday for a week, it means I’m the main one doing all the unloading/reloading of plants onto the market vans – and today it meant finishing 30 minutes later than normal, hey ho shit happens.

Worked for most of the day with my t-shirt off though which was nice, blended my farmers tan in a bit lol.

Got home and rested for 30 minutes before starting my workout – today was Overhead Press Day and I’d set myself a heaviest set of 50kg x 10 reps.  Didn’t think I had it in me to complete all the reps after the exertions of today, but I managed a full 9 reps which was fucking great!

Last Feb I could only lift 50kg x 4 reps and struggled on the 4th rep, so to now to be able to lift it for 9 reps 16 months later is a great improvement for me — I’ve logged my workout on Fitocracy as always

Think I’m going to relax this evening, watch some Confederations Cup Football and maybe do a little on the business, but not too much! 🙂

Until next time…



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