My UK clothing website accepts Bitcoin!

The weekend just gone I decided to accept Bitcoin payments for our business ( , and I didn’t realise the interest it would garner!

There has been an increase of around 30% of visitors to our website and the orders are up too, which is pretty cool, and they’re from all over the world, mainly the US, Europe and UK but also a varied amount of other countries as well – I didn’t realise how popular and widespread Bitcoins had got!

Long may it continue is all I say.

On a personal note I woke up early again this morning, and this time decided to get up 20 minutes before the alarm – seemed a bit weird laying in bed when it was light outside!

I used the time quite constructively by answering some business emails and checking last nights visitor stats to the website.

My muscles felt a bit thick from the previous nights workout.  Those 130kg deadlifts really took it out of me, and I certainly felt it in my back when working on the fruit farm today, but it was nice being sunny and warm, I like getting a good sweat on at work.

Glad that I also only workout three times a week, what with my day job I’d be knackered every day, but by sticking to three times a week it allows me enough time to recover properly, which is good as tomorrow evening is shoulders and I’ve got some heavy shit to press overhead, can’t wait!

Until next time…



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