Two and a bit years flies on by….

Well then, two and a bit years have gone since I last wrote something down, not much has happened I suppose?

In one way, no, not a lot has technically happened, but several things have certainly changed since I last wrote something.

I’ve come a long way with my exercise, progressing from bodyweight exercises, to lifting some really heavy shit – more on that as the days go by.

Me and Dena are no longer living in a 25ft caravan, we’ve moved into a flat and on the whole it’s great – more on that later too!

We’ve started another online business, having spent the last 4-5 years not really looking for a business and then this current one kind of falling into our laps – again, more on this as the days go by.

So yeah, not much has actually happened, but it has certainly changed! 🙂

Rather than create one monster post, like I used to, I’ll break this one up into several bite sized pieces, which will make more sense from my point of view too, seeing as though I’ve got a business to run in the evenings now.

Wow, two and a bit years, fuck me it’s gone quick.

Until next time…



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