Bodyweight exercises are harder than I remember!

So this morning was my first attempt at completing some body weight exercise for the first time in a long time.

And DAG NAMMIT it was harder than I thought!

The upper body sets I did were OK, push ups, pull ups and over head presses – but it was the lunges and squats that I found the most difficult.

It’s probably because I use my upper body a lot during the day whilst working at the Apple orchard that I have a much stronger upper body than lower.

The squats were OK, but it was the lunges that were the hardest, and they used to be one of my favourite leg exercises!

I completed 5 reps of each exercise for 3 sets, taking 3 seconds on each concentric and eccentric phase (lowering and raising) – and it felt an amazing stretch in my legs when I was doing the lunges.

I’m going to have to use some extra weight in a backpack for my push ups as I completed the sets with relative ease, which is no surprise as I’ve always been able to do push ups easily – in fact that last time I was doing them I could do 15 push ups using just 3 fingers on each hand, my finger strength was pretty good!

And I’d like to get back to being able to do that and then progress to getting to one finger on one hand like Bruce Lee could!

I didn’t test myself to see if I could do 3 finger push ups just in case I hurt myself – start slow and I’ll be making progress relatively quickly once I get consistent again.

I did the pull ups on a tree branch just near the caravan, and again they were relatively easy because I’ve got good upper body strength, but I was puffing a little by the end of the 5th rep on the 3rd set, so I’ll not be adding any extra weight just yet.

And the over head presses were pretty easy but fun too as I used a wooden pallet – although I didn’t use any gloves and it was -3 and the pallet was frozen solid, brrrrrr!

Anyhoo, that’s the my first lot of strength exercises done for this week, next one will be Sunday which I’ll have to do in the afternoon/evening instead of the morning as we’re at a wedding Saturday/Sunday mornings.

I do feel better for actually doing some strength exercises for the first time in a long time though, and I’m sat here wondering why I haven’t done any for so long.

Thinking about it the last time I did any kind of strength exercises was when we were in the house in Wellington and I was using some free weights, which was about 12-14 months ago.

If I’d thought about it properly I could have gone outside at any point over the last year or so and completed some body weight exercises, but I just didn’t think about it.

Being in the caravan has made me put aside a lot of things that I used to do and really I’ve got quite lazy.

But thankfully I’ve realised that and not beat myself up over it, I’m working on a number of things to improve my health and fitness once again and I feel great for it!

Until next time…



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