Setting small goals to achieve big goals!

Thanks to a few posts I read last night on some other blogs – one being Move to Portugal, I’ve been motivated to write down a few small monthly goals.

The idea being that it will keep me and Dena motivated to achieve our big goals which are one’s that will take 6 months+ to achieve.

So without further ado here are our small goals for March 2011:

  1. Go to bed before 11pm 5 days out of 7
  2. Get up at 6:45am when the alarm goes off 5 days out of 7
  3. Complete at least 1 day of strength exercises each week – Mike
  4. Complete 4 out of 6 HIIT exercises per week – Dena
  5. Save £300 towards a deposit for a house in the summer

So there we go, there are 5 little goals that we can easily work on during the month of March.

The first 2 goals are to do with going to bed and getting up on work days – and we need to set goals for them simply because we have got sloppy.

A lot of nights we’re both still up reading or talking gone 11pm, then we’re tired when the alarm goes off the next day and stay in bed until gone 7am.

We don’t start work until 9am and as we live on site it takes us all of about 1 minute to walk to work, but we like to wake up early and have plenty of time to relax in the mornings and wake up slowly before we go to work.

So we’ve just got to be a little more vigilant in going to bed by 11pm and getting up when the alarm goes off – which will be easier soon enough once the light comes back in the mornings!

The 2nd two goals are to do with our new fitness regimes.  I’m committing to doing at least 1 day a week, which will mean I’ll do 50% of the exercises I need to, which going from doing none will be a big jump!

And Dena is commiting to doing 4 days out of 6 for her exercise, which again if she can get to the end of the month having done that it will be a massive jump for her.

Out of the two of us she definitely has the most trouble sticking to regular exercise, but this time round she feels that’s it’s time to stop making excuses and be an adult about it and just get on with it.

And the final goal is to have saved £300 by the end of the month, which sounds easier said then done, but we’ve got to do it as we definitely want to move into a house in the summer as it’s the first step in the next stage of our lives.

We are normally able to save £350 per month, but I know that we’ve got a wedding gift to buy this month which we wouldn’t normally have to budget for, so I’ve reduced the amount we’re aiming to save this month.

It will be strange once we do move into a house as we’ll not have any spare cash each month what so ever – we’ve got so used to living in the caravan because it enables us to save a massive chunk of dosh even though we earn just over minimum wage, oh well the savings will come back again once we change jobs later on.

So there we have it, our goals for March 2011 – do you set any goals, if not perhaps you should – we used to all the time and it certainly helps in helping you complete the little things in your life!

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Setting small goals to achieve big goals!

  1. Dreamer 01/03/2011 / 1:24 pm

    I used to set goals all the time, before the escape from the grind, the goals were must sell house, must save £x per month , must get through the months without doing a runner from the office etc etc.

    Now its really strange because we dont have goals as such because we dont know what we want. And it makes me very uneasy because something that I have found out about myself is that I must have something to strive for, something to aim for.

    Anyway I think it helps writing down goals, I used to have a little book and write goals and update them etc.

    • WeeMike 01/03/2011 / 7:40 pm

      I agree with you about having something to strive and aim for.

      It’s something that we haven’t done for a few years or so now, and only recently have we realised this and then realised that perhaps it was the cause of some of our unhappiness of late.

      We’ve been questioning our motives for doing various different things in the last few years, and until we realised about not having any goals we couldn’t see an answer to any of them.

      It’s been since the turn of the year really that we’ve realised we need to set small and big goals, and to constantly strive to improve ourselves in all aspects of our lives – but this time it’s striving for goals that we feel are more important than any we have set previously.

      Perhaps it’s been since we’ve worked at the apple orchard that it has brought us down to earth and more in touch with the important things in our lives and made us realise what is important and what we should really focus on.

      Thinking about you – perhaps you and your partner need to sit back and think about what it is you really want in the future, what will make you the most happiest, and then think about the little things that you can do to work towards getting there.

      It may be something small or something you think is trivial, but anything you can do will be a little step towards this future goal and eventually you will find that this goal is creeping ever closer.

      It also comes down to doing something now.

      If your unhappy with a situation the best time to try and change it is now, perhaps you just need to commit to something, keep taking small steps towards it and before you know it you’ll have accomplished something perhaps you wouldn’t have – and then you can feed off this for future goals.

      Just some thoughts for you!

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