Face adversity and tell it to frak off!

So after our latest decision to change what we were going to do in the future it would seem we have been able to settle on this one.

It feels more like the ‘right’ decision than any of the others over the last few weeks, and after talking about it this week it definitely seems the right one to get us to where we want to be.

Something that we thought about was how it seemed that we had forgotten what we had set out to do together 11 years ago.

Within a few years of being together we said that one day we would like to have our own piece of land, either to live on, have some kind of business on or both if possible.

As the years have gone by, this has always been the case but we’ve either not focused on it much or not worked towards it deliberately.

Over the last few years whilst being at the orchard it has been put further and further to the back of our minds – mainly because we just wanted to get our heads down and learn as many skills as we could, planting, growing, digging, picking etc and be left alone to live simple lives.

And during the last few years we haven’t really felt like we were working towards our goal.

And we even said to ourselves when we first started here in Jan 2009 that we would give it 2 years and then see where we were, but somehow we had almost forgotten about our goal we set all those years ago.

Now that those 2 years are up, it feels weird to be thinking that actually we are ready skill wise to move on – yes we need some other skills to actually start our own business growing plants, and we obviously need money, but the main skills we now have.

And now that we are in a much better position to reach our life time goal, and that much further towards really reaching it, it feels kind of weird, almost as if it’s not real.

Everyone makes goals, I’m sure you have at some point?  But have you worked on them for so long that you never thought they would ‘actually’ come true, and then all of a sudden find yourself much closer to reaching them then you ever thought would be possible?

Thats the situation we are now in – we set a life time goal all those years ago, and we are actually half way towards reaching it now – and you know what??

We’re both scared shit-less about it!

What happens when we actually have the money or the opportunity to rent or buy some land and we are actually growing our own plants and selling them and actually making a living from it all?

I’ll tell you what happens….

We’ll become the happiest and most fulfilled people you could ever wish to meet!

And for us, doing it off our own backs is the most enjoyable side of it all.

You see for me especially over the last few years , there is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than knowing I can look after myself.

No matter what situation is put in front of me, I have always tried to conquer it as it were, off my own sweat and blood.

I’ve got no qualms about asking for help when it’s needed, but I’ll always try and do something myself first, even if it nearly kills me to do so.

I think by doing things this way, you learn to adapt and become a stronger person, you find out who the real ‘you’ is.

I mean, do you know who the real ‘YOU’ is??

Do you know how you react when adversity challenges you?

Do you know how you react when your faced with what appears to be no other option and it’s an option you would rather hack your own arm off with a blunt saw then face?

Well, if you don’t then I don’t think you know the real you – it’s impossible, you cannot know who your real self is until you have faced adversity and come through it.

And adversity is not eating junk food when you really want to, or not having that extra glass of wine or not talking to someone about something that you really should do.

That’s what I would call a softies type of adversity.

The adversity that I am talking about is leaving friends who you have known for 20 years behind because you know deep down that they are on a different path to you.

The adversity I am talking about is leaving a comfortable life in the city, with all the things you thought you ever wanted around you for an uncertain life in the country, with nothing you think you want around you to comfort you or make you feel secure.

Facing real adversity means you put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Ultimately facing real adversity means that you may be the only person on this entire planet of ours that thinks you are on the right path, and you must have the internal conviction and strength to realise that this is what you ‘need’ to be doing and no-one can tell you other wise.

When you face real adversity you need to tell it that you can overcome it, tell it that you are stronger than it, tell it you will beat it into the ground until it doesn’t exist anymore and ultimately tell it to frak off!

Ahem, excuse the Battle Star Galatica pun there!

I’m aware that lots of people face all kinds of adversity all over the world, every single day, and some of it is much more adverse than others – I mean we won’t talk about third world countries because that would make me feel far too rich and like a softy for the ‘little’ bit of adversity I have overcome in comparison!

The best thing about adversity is that if your like me, you’ll feel so much better for overcoming it – you may be scared witless by what ever it is you ‘need’ to overcome, but once you do so you’ll be a much better person for it.

After all isn’t life about challenging yourself and growing as an individual?

Well if so then that’s certainly not going to happen if you hide away from adversity and never face any.

Think about your life, think about something you know is really holding you back, something that you have never faced before — then hit it head on, face it and overcome it.

Don’t think about it, just do it, deal with it, get rid of it, destroy it if you have to, but go face it.

You’ll thank yourself once you have and you may even wonder why you never faced it before.

Has something been eating away at you for a long time, but you’ve pushed it away and tried to forget about it … WELL DON’T!

Once you do you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner and probably think what was all the fuss about – you’ll be a better person for it and you might even like your new self! (^_^)

Oops, that turned into a bit of a rant, sorry about that … anyhoo, you get the idea.

Until next time…



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