Here we are then – our latest change of direction, but this one feels different!

So then, all you hundreds of 30 odd readers of the blog (you can comment you know, I don’t bite … much!) the moment you have been waiting for has arrived – what the hell are we doing now?

You’ve read about us deciding to go to Canada, then you read about us changing our minds and deciding to go to New Zealand, and now here we are and you read last night that we’ve changed our minds yet again – what the hell is going on, right?

Well, I can only say that its been mayhem for us – we have talked so much over the last few weeks, come to so many different conclusions that it turned out we were settling on which ever one gave us the appearance of the most adventure.

But was that what we really wanted?

Well as it turns out YES – but just not in another country.

Let me explain…

When we decided that we were going to Canada, it was partly because I have an aunt and uncle out there, but also because it was so far away from the UK, and so different that it all seemed like a grand adventure we were could go on.

Alas, it all fell to pieces when we realised we could go to New Zealand instead.

We found out about a working holiday visa we could get through a company called Bunac, and all hell broke loose and we were off planning to go to NZ in 12 months time.

And that was the case until last night – yet again, something happened, or in this instance someone said something, and off we went trying to recreate the big bang!

And it wasn’t pretty let me tell you now.

Yesterday, last night and then today we have probably had some of the deepest and most meaningful conversations I think we have had in our 13 years together!

We’ve shouted at each other, called each other childish names and even threatened to go our separate ways at one point – yes it got ‘that’ intense!

But here we are now, having talked about every possible future scenario – and we are still here together, and we now know where we really, truly want to go in the next 10 years.

That place?

Right here in the UK.

Yep, we’ve thought about travelling to the other side of the world to find what we were looking for – and yet  we have realised what we want is right here in the UK of all places!

And what are we doing here in the UK?

We’ve decided that what we really want is to work for ourselves running a soft fruit and kitchen garden plant business.

We realised that working at the apple orchard, we get the most enjoyment from working with the soft fruit and kitchen garden plants then we do anything else – especially the apples, DAG NAMMIT we hate working with sooooo many apples, 30+ acres of them!

We remembered that 4-5 years ago our plan was to be self employed, but we didn’t have an idea as to what do be self employed in.

When we couldn’t come up with anything we gave up, until now.

We came to the orchard, and have worked here for few years now, not realising that actually this is what makes us the most happiest and this is what we should be doing self employed.

With this in mind we then realised that why go to the other side of the world to do this – because that is what we would have needed to do to be as happy as we wanted to be, when we can in fact do it right here in the UK.

It will be a damn site easier doing it in our home country, then it would be in a foreign country, where we aren’t even residents either!

And to top it all off we realised that we wanted to share a lot more with our family and friends.

We haven’t exactly been your social type of people over the last few years – but then that’s because we’ve deliberately shunned social situations etc to involve ourselves completely in this land based lifestyle, so that we could find out if it was something we really truly wanted to do for life.

And although we’ve known we want to do this for life we haven’t made the effort to bring our friends and family back into our lives more and in fact we hadn’t even really thought about them all that much when thinking about what we wanted to do next.

We are that single minded that we always put ourselves first, but it seems that we had gone too far this time, and we hadn’t even considered that actually we ‘should’ be involving our family and friends in our new lifestyles.


Because it will be good for them to get a more land based lifestyle into their own lives.

I can say this with 100% confidence because without any kind of land based lifestyle we cannot be truly happy.

We all need some kind of contact with nature and the countryside, it’s what keeps us grounded and it’s what keeps us sane.

I don’t care who you are, you are not a human being if you think you can do without nature or the countryside – or you are just plain clinically insane and should be sectioned.

Having watched from the sides as family and friends slowly destroyed themselves by not keeping in contact with nature or the countryside, both of us have realised that its time for this to stop.

And we can help by coming to the realisation that in ourselves ‘now’ is the time for us to step it up – we need to get out of our feeling of needing to get away from the UK to somewhere that has greener grass and instead realise that here in the UK we can do anything and everything we have ever wanted, and we can help other people have more fulfilling lives along the way.

We want to involve family and friends in our plant based business, and we know that they want to too.

But nearly every single one of them doesn’t have the balls to step it up and start their own business’s based on the land, predominantly because they don’t have the skills – well, that’s where we come in.

You see, our mad hatter idea of leaving the city 4-5 years ago and getting land based skills is starting to actually make sense now!

We are finally starting to see the whole picture of where we have been heading and where we now need to go:

We’ve always thought that to feel free in a job, we needed to be self employed.

We’ve wanted to have land-based skills for a long time – we now have them.

We’ve wanted to start our own business for a long time.

We’ve wanted to get closer to our friends and family for a while but not known how to.

All those statements can now be completed, brought together, all under one fell swoop of us having the balls to step it up.

By deciding now is the time, that here in the UK is the place where we now make a future for ourselves – and it has to start right now.

We’ve come to the realisation that we now have the base skills needed to move forward, we need some more in-depth knowledge on exactly what needs doing, but that will come with the next stage of our new plan (to be revealed in another post) and that there is no time like the present to actually make something happen.

If not now, then when??

So – bloody hell, where was I, sorry if I’ve lost you – HELLO … is there anyone still reading this war & peace effort … fuck sake I can ramble on, apologies dear reader!

The gist of this all is that we are now starting to build our plan of running our own plant based business growing soft fruit, kitchen garden plants and probably herbs too.

We’re working towards becoming self employed.

We’re working towards becoming closer with our friends and family.

And best of all we’re doing it all right here in the good old United Kingdom.

Regardless of what we think of the UK, and all it’s negatives, it also has an amazing amount of good things going for it.

And really we need to forget about the negative side of things and move onto the positive things – make do with what we can and get help with the rest, everything else will sort itself out.

Excuse me one second…..

Fuck me, bollocks, piss face, hairy fa……..

Ahem, right, apologies for the vulgarity – I’m not a foul mouthed brute normally, I just needed to get that out … that’s how I feel right now having realised we have wasted a number of years looking for something that was right here in-front of our noses.

Siiigh, I’ve been gorging on chocolate cakes and fizzy pop (don’t drink alcohol) this evening, and I think I am starting to come down from the sugar rush.

So – keep an eye on the blog if you want to read what we’re up to next – hint: looking for house/flat to rent, looking for a different job (need different skills – it will be explained in another post), saving money, looking for land/businesses to rent or buy, starting up our new business, running the business, getting old, dieing …. preferably with a lot of fun thrown in amongst it all, heh! 🙂

We’re also getting our shit together with regards to our health and fitness, for too long we have let ourselves tread water, thinking that naturally letting things be was the way forward.

So I’m using my knowledge of health and fitness (self loathing guinea pig for 10 years!) to put together a plan for us both and I’ll be talking about it in future posts as it’s something I am very passionate about but have never shared with many people.

In between all that?

I spose I can always talk about the bollocks that is supposedly global warming and/or our fiat monetary system, precious metals or the pile of shit that we call supermarkets.

Dag nammit, I think I may have awoken something in me that maybe I shouldn’t have – it’s now time to show the real me (and Dena), the bare bones, the guts n all, I’m not sure you’ll like it, but it really does feel like the ‘right’ direction.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Here we are then – our latest change of direction, but this one feels different!

  1. Dreamer 20/02/2011 / 1:59 pm

    Great stuff! Your realisation about the UK really resonates with me. I too am guilty of always obsessing about being somewhere else. For years I obsessed about living in the US (I still do, sigh), I wanted somewhere with more space, somewhere cleaner, brighter, and cheaper house prices etc. A lovely cottage in upstate new york for 100k dollars, sigh. But it was a pointless exercise, I came to realise that there is no point in focusing on a place where we could never get a visa to live unless we had a spare half a mill dollars hanging around to buy a green card.

    Someone once said to me on my blog that that there would be many people who would view the UK as las vegas, meaning compared to a lot of places in the world it could be eutopia. I guess that there is a lot of truth in it.

    I also do have reservations about permatravel. I know that it is all the craze these days, but, I have to scratch my head when I read about people spending large amounts of money travelling because they are searching for something. Dont get me wrong, I like going abroad and am probably guilty myself of spending too much money on it. Recently though, I’ve changed my mindset a little about travel and I wonder what the point is of investing large amounts of capital (which can never be replaced) in going somewhere if you cant live there. So no I dont think an itinerant lifestyle is the answer.

    I must say that you have awakened something in me in that I too have come to realise that the only work I really want to do is outdoors.

    I agree with you about needing contact with the outdoors and nature, I really need this and this was central to my frustration with living in or near a large urban area and sitting in an office all day. The outdoors nurtures me. Like you I dont understand people who dont use the outdoors. I found it interesting when you said that you saw family/friends destroy themselves not keeping contact with nature. I would like to hear more about that. Personally I have found that the outdoors has helped me deal with the demons.

    I look forward to hearing more of your plans.

    • WeeMike 23/02/2011 / 8:17 am

      They are funny thing these digital nomads that have popped up in the last few years. I mean it’s all good and well going travelling and even doing it full time, but if you have no way of funding those travels it makes it quite hard – of course you’ve always got casual fruit picking, volunteering, bar work etc to earn a small amount of money, but generally outside of asia travelling is pretty expensive.

      Then of course you’ve got to think of the environmental impact of all that flying and driving you’d be doing, on top of from my point of view the social impact of it all.

      I’m not sure I can explain very well but I’ll try….

      For me going travelling to the so called poorer countries and visiting these people who still live in relative squalor compared to us, I just don’t think feels right – here are these people really scraping a living together, and yet here I am so rich that I can travel the world, it almost feels like I would be rubbing it in their face!

      Maybe it would be different if everyone on the planet could travel the world, but only a very few can afford to, and because of this I think we should be very careful about where we go travelling – I just don’t think its right that a rich person from the west (compared to the eastern counterpart) can wander around the world walking/driving past all these people living in much poorer conditions … and then have the cheek so say its what we should all do.

      Maybe it’s just me??

      Anyhoo – talking about friends who have destroyed themselves, what I meant was that especially since being with my partner and trying to get back in touch with the land more, I have noticed more how the people who don’t get or stay in touch with the land seem to seek their happiness/fulfillment in lifeless objects etc.

      A lot of people seem to want to buy, buy and buy more souless possessions all in the hope that some how it will make them happy – but it turns out that generally this isn’t the case and infact only when they go visit the beach, go for country walks or ‘get away from it all’ as such do they start to feel happy within themselves.

      And I’ve noticed family members that have had jobs which kept them in an office all day etc, and because on top of not eating healthy etc they come home sit in their house, go to the pub, go to a restaurant, go back home and then back to their office job – and slowly but surely if you observe them over time you can see their unhappiness/demons rising up in little things like stress and health related incidents, not being able to use their willpower to overcome obstacles that should be easy to overcome.

      Over the years I have noticed a resolve or a level of internal strength almost from people who lived/worked in the country – and in comparison to say city dwellers the country people just seem to be able to overcome more things, work through things and generally are stronger mentally as well as physically.

      I’m a perfect example really, when I lived and worked in the city I brought numerous possessions, which at the time I didn’t see as strange, wanting to surround myself with all these ‘things’ and then when it came to anything physically or mentally challenging, I just didn’t have the internal ability to cope with it most of the time – and it would come out in strang habits or health related symptoms that I didn’t realise at the time were because of my lack of countryness as it were.

      But over the last 4-5 years I have noticed a big change in me, I’m more able to cope with mental and physical challenges, I buy far far less possessions, I have closer access to healthier more natural foods, I am more aware of the effect my eating habits have on my surroundings – and I just seem to be able to do more things for myself than I could when I lived and worked in the city, I’ve become more independant as it were.

      I’m aware this is a generalisation but it’s what I have experienced over the years and it has lead me to believe that people who have more experiences or live in the country or amongst nature are generally more balanced people who seem to be able to cope with life in general better than people who don’t.

      I think as well if you look abroad to foreign countries it seems to be the same – if you compare the people in live or work in the country to the people who live or work in the cities, it’s the country people who seem to be more healthier and generally more balanced overall.

      Again it’s not always the case, but I definitely feel that because of how we have evolved as a species we need that contact with the land more than we think we do – yes of course we are one of the most adaptable species on this planet of ours, but we still need to be in touch with the country to keep ourselves grounded I feel.

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