Selling our possessions: The books have got to go!

To add to our financial fund for the ‘Big Travel Challenge‘ we have decided to sell as many of our books as we can.

I think we’ve got about 65 books we’re going to sell in all.

We’ve never had a large collection of books, mainly because we have got very good at selling them to fund the purchase of yet more, but neither of us have ever wanted shelf upon shelf of books just sat there doing nothing anyway.

This current batch of books we’re selling have been owned for a fair while without being sold on to fund further book purchases.

I’ll have to admit that most of them are mine, and I’ve kept them simply because a lot of them are reference books and I felt they could come in useful at some point in the future.

I still think they could be of some use in the future, however, their biggest value is selling them right now and using the proceeds to help get us to NZ!

We’ve decided to use Amazon UK to sell all the books as they make it so easy to list them and deal with the whole sale.

Thinking about it you don’t need an excuse like ours to go sell any books you own, especially if they are reference books.

With the interweb being as powerful as it now is you can pretty much find any kind of information that you require.

I can’t remember the last time that I haven’t been able to find some information I required on the interweb and had to turn to a book – infact it probably hasn’t happened since we”ve been at the orchard, which is over 2 years now.

Anyhoo – I’ve decided to put up a page at the top of this blog called ‘Books for Sale‘ so if you fancy taking a looksy at what we are selling then feel free, heck you may even find a book of interest and be able to help fund our Big Travel Challenge!

Until next time…



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