Ever feel like your an alien surrounded by humans??

Rant time, late at night – need to vent:

I’ve often wondered if alien life existed outside of this planet we call earth.

This week I had an experience that made me feel like I was surrounded by some, right here at the orchard.

I’ve often felt that I am able to make decisions about certain things from an almost out-of-body point of view.

I have the ability to look at all sides of something, not be biased at all about it, and make a decision based on the facts and the truths for all concerned.

I don’t bother getting emotional about something when it’s not needed, I don’t take sides when it’s not needed and I certainly don’t do things to keep people happy.

The experience I had this week, made me feel like I have been leading a lie for the last few years.

The people who I have come to know and feel that I love, have not expanded their minds or views during this period and because of this I now feel light years ahead of them.

I don’t like compromising at the best of times, and will only do so if there is no other option – and one of those no other option moments popped up this week.

Rather than continue to try to get my point across to people who couldn’t understand it, I gave in and just accepted that they would never understand it.

I decided to allow these people to think that I’m one of them and all is well in my world, when in fact it’s not…

I feel like I’m surrounded by aliens – aliens that have been disguised as humans for years, and I feel scared and disoriented because of it.

I feel like I need to alert someone that I am surrounded by aliens who cannot think differently or question anything.

How did I get to this point, how did I not see this coming?

Am I thinking too much about a trivial matter, and yet it’s not trivial when everyone thinks that if you don’t think like them then your selfish, ignorant and lack empathy.

And yet because I am able to step outside of my human mind and see things the way they really are, separating my human emotions from my human decisions, that I am in some way lacking.

I find myself stuck in a place I cannot get out – I am surrounded by aliens that I have somehow come to love and seemingly cannot be with out, and yet I feel a massive urge to get away from them all.

If I do they wouldn’t be able to understand why, and would judge me as someone I am not, simply for thinking differently than they do…

Maybe I am the alien after all??

— — — — —

Apologies for this meaningless post – I just needed somewhere to vent something, felt the urge to let the whole interweb know my innermost thoughts tonight.

Until next time…



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