Do You Fancy 4 Free Plane Tickets This Year??

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Seeing as though me and Dena have just made the momentous decision to go travelling at the end of this year I’ve been looking around the interweb for some good blogs/websites etc to garner some travelling tips from.

One of the website’s I have come across wasn’t a travel tips website but more on how to travel round the world/stay in hotels for free – it’s done by a guy called Chris Guillebeau: and the website is called Travel Hacking Cartel.

Basically the premise of the website is that there are numerous ways of collecting lots of airmiles to enable you to either get free plane tickets, hotel rooms and/or lots of other juicy travel rewards.

What is the goal of the website?

The goal of the Travel Hacking Cartel is to democratize free travel. Chris and his team plan to demystify the process of travel hacking.

Travel Hacking Cartel members can “go anywhere, anytime.”

What do you get if you join up?

  1. Regular “Deal Alerts” sent via email and text message (when a big opportunity comes up, members will be the first to know)
  2. Tutorials and an extensive Knowledge Base to get people started (research showed that most people have no idea what to do with miles and points… the Travel Hacking Cartel will tell you)
  3. The Refer-a-Hacker Program that pays members 500 Frequent Flyer Miles for each referral (this process is extremely easy – everyone has their own referral link directly in their account settings)
  4. The “World’s Greatest Guarantee” – if members follow our directions and spend at least 30 minutes a month travel hacking, they’ll earn enough miles for at least 1 plane ticket every quarter, or 4 plane tickets a year (we also provide info on how to redeem miles for great awards)

Now those sound like pretty damn good reasons to sign up to me, but if your still not sure how about it then you can join for a 14 day trail for only $1!

Give it a go at the very least, and if you don’t like it (who doesn’t like free flights or hotel stays??) then you can cancel your account and be no worse off (other than knowing you’d missed out on free flights and/or hotel stays and/or other cool perks of the travel industry!)

Obviously I’ve signed up, simply as it makes perfect sense along with our new travel challenge.

What better way to travel to New Zealand then being able to use airmiles to either get the whole plane ticket or to upgrade from economy to 1st class.

aaaah I can imagine that: flying to New Zealand in 1st class – now that would be very cool, it would definitely make up for the economy class crampedness that we suffered when we went in 2003-04!

So what are you waiting for?

Go check it out the Travel Hacking Cartel – you’ve got nothing to lose!

Until next time



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