It’s time we all drank real milk!

During February of 2009 I came across a website that had a campaign to bring back Raw Milk.

Raw Organic Milk

At first I wasn’t sure what raw milk was to be honest, but being someone who likes to eat a varied diet and food as natural as I can manage, I went and had a look.

It was quite an eye opener really. I thought that by drinking full fat organic milk I was doing alright, but I now know how bad pasteurized and homogenised milk really is, even if it is organic too, and what is taken out of it when it is ‘created’.

By pasteurizing milk all the nasty bacteria are killed off, but then so are all the thousands of good bacteria – all of which are great for immune boosting and also have many other health benefits too.

Then you’ve got the homogenization of milk – which splats the fat into tiny tiny globules, so small that they pass into your bloodstream without being correctly broken down by your body – and then cause all sorts of problems for you.

On top of that you’ve also got the problem of the lactase in shitty milk being destroyed, meaning that when you drink this milk your body gets over loaded with lactose and cannot cope because it doesn’t have high enough levels of lactase to cope.

You with me here? – the body needs lactase to cope with lactose: so over loading it with lactose filled foods that have had the lactase stripped out of them is NOT a good thing.

This then leads to people blaming milk in general for their inability to be able to digest it and then link this over to raw milk too – when it’s the stupid pasteurization and homogenization of milk that is doing it.

If you want a brief overview of raw milk and a bit more indepth reasons to drink it then check out this website here.

*Feb 2011 Update: BBC Radio 4 had a short podcast recently on ‘What is Milk‘ – it’s definitely worth a listen!

So, where was I, ah yes – off I went looking for farms in Somerset that sold raw milk, and it did take a while but I found a couple, and one farm which was pretty close to the Orchard where I work, which was good as we can get some when we go food shopping at the weekends.

If your in the UK and want to see if there is a local farm to you that produces raw milk have a look here at the Seeds of Health Raw Dairy List – its probably not an exhaustive list, but its got a fair amount of farms on it around the country.

When I got the milk home it didn’t actually taste any different, maybe a little more creamier, but seeing as though I have drunk full fat organic milk for so many years anyway, it’s not going too!

The great thing was that leaving it in the fridge over night meant all the fat in the milk rose to the top in the morning which meant I had a nice creamy cup of tea for breakfast, mmmmm!

Since drinking raw milk I’ve found out that the best way to drink it is warm – apparently the body digests milk far better when it is at room temperature: so I’ve been pouring myself a glass and drinking it about an hour later.

Or for a mega healthy drink I’ve also been putting a raw egg yolk into it as well – mix it up and you can’t even taste the egg in it, well maybe it’s a little creamy, but hell is it a healthy drink – raw milk and raw egg yolk, nom nom!!

What I’ve found most frustrating since drinking raw milk is how much bullshit the mainstream milk industry is full of.

They are so good with their marketing campaigns that most people don’t question the shit they come out with, which is disappointing in itself – but even more so is that when these same people get ill, they don’t question what they are being fed … madness, total madness!

To show how much bullshit the powers that be behind shitty milk are full of, they have taken it upon themselves to make sure that any farmer that wants to sell raw milk in the UK must put on the label that the milk can be dangerous to your health because it hasn’t been heat-treated!!

What, you mean like dangerous to our health like your milk that you treat so much that it becomes devoid of most of its original nutrients etc, or maybe they mean dangerous like oh I dunno … war, prescription drugs or perhaps even vaccines – you mean like they can be dangerous to your health, that same dangerous do they mean, fuck sake!!

Anyway I digress…

If you want to learn more about raw milk, which I highly recommend – then please go take a look on the website that belongs to the Weston A.Price Foundation who have created a campaign for Real Milk! and also take a look at this other American website, which details all the facts on raw milk, it’s a great read – I just wish there was more UK stuff about raw milk.

Like I said before, I have been drinking raw milk since Feb 2009 and I wouldn’t go back to heat-treated tastes like water milk ever again.

I can’t say that personally I have noticed any health benefits from drinking raw milk, but that’s because I have always been a healthy person and don’t normally get ill at all – maybe once a year but that’s it.

I have trust in the raw milk anyway knowing that it is full of live cultures and plenty of goodness that protect my body on top of what I already do.

Generally I’ve always eaten pretty healthy and been very active, but I also think that being mentally healthy too helps when it comes to your overall health.

By this I mean that being a happy person and generally being positive most of the time helps massively with your overall health.

I don’t let myself feel down or miserable if I ever get ill, nor if life throws challenges at me – I just get on with things with a smile on my face, and it’s seen me well over the years.

If I do ever get ill, I drop my level of activity to suit my illness and boost up on the necessary foods that will help my body heal itself and just get on with my life … if that’s positive then great, but that’s just the way I am.

I digress again – where was I, ah yes: I recommend going to read up on raw milk if you don’t know what it is or the benefits of drinking it, and then try to find a farm local to you that sells it.

Even if like me you don’t feel any extra health benefits from it – you’ll be doing yourself a massive favour by drinking milk that is as natural as it gets!

Here’s to good health.

Until next time…



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