My 2nd attempt at using a cut throat razor!

I’ve been playing around with this new blog so much I forgot to put an update on my 2nd attempt at using a cut throat razor.

Well – after my 1st attempt last weekend this week wizzed by @ the orchard meaning that Saturday came round quickly and I was to make attempt number 2 at not slitting my throat!

Before I began the 2nd attempt I had a quick look at techniques for using a cut throat razor on the interweb, the amount of pressure needed on the razor and the best angle for cutting – the hairs that is and not my face!

After about half an hour of reading I began the facial preparations again – hot flannel on my face to soften up my facial hairs, followed by a nice rose scented shaving cream.

I got my fingers into the correct position around the blade, angled it correctly, applied a small amount of pressure to my face and began.

After about 3 passes over the same area of my face I realised that not a lot of hair was coming off – so I applied a little more pressure, but still the same thing.

I thought maybe I had got the angle wrong, but no, still the same thing – the blade just wasn’t taking any hair off my face.

I tried a few more times, all at different angles, and all applying a fair amount of pressure – more than enough to cut the hairs anyway.

And yet still nothing, there was still lots of hair on the patch I was trying to shave – so I thought perhaps the blade was blunt, it’s been kept underneath the wardrobe, and it could have got damp and gone blunt seeing as though the caravan isn’t exactly insulation capital under there.

So I changed the blade for a brand new one, and went for it again – but still the same thing happened, no matter the angle I used nor the pressure I put on my face, it just wouldn’t cut any hair off.

I ended up giving up and using a plain old Gillette Blue disposable razor in the end as I had had enough of the cut throat razor.

After I had finished shaving I jumped on the interweb and looked up some more articles and everything I had done was correct, exactly the same as the articles said to do.

So I’m a bit puzzled really as to what I’ve been doing wrong – I had the angle right, the pressure right, I had a new sharp blade (sharp enough to cut paper with only a light touch) and yet I couldn’t cut the hairs off my face!

I’m pretty gutted really, as I had hyped myself up to use a cut throat razor and was really looking forward to using one from now on in, but alas I have been foiled by some unknown force.

I’m going to spend some time on a few forums this coming weekend and see if I can find out the source of my problems as I’m not going to give up – I must be doing something wrong but I just can’t see what!

Don’t suppose anyone else has any ideas what I might have done or be doing wrong – if so get in touch, I’m eager to know!!

Until next time…



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