Rant: Why I won’t budget when it comes to food

I’ve been reading a number of minimalist and frugal living websites and blogs recently – and something has popped up time and again that really annoys me.

This being the authors spend as little as possible on the food they eat and choose foods because they are cheaper.

I don’t understand why people choose to spend as little as possible on THE most important part of their health – this being food.

For me personally over the last 12 years I have spent what ever amount of money it takes to ensure I get the healthiest foods as possible.

I’m not bothered what I have to give up or do without – what ever it is I don’t have it just so that I can afford to buy healthy food.

I cannot understand the logic of buying cheap fruit and vegetables that are from abroad either.

I’d rather eat less fruit and vegetables but know that I am buying top quality produce and that it is from the UK too.

I would rather go without something if it’s not in season in the UK that import it from another country and not support UK produce.

Surely supporting the people who grow food in your own country is far better than supporting the people who grow food in another country?

I’m aware that some people don’t have a lot of money – but surely there are ways of saving money on something not as important as food?

Maybe I’m alone in my beliefs that what ever money I earn from my job goes on my health first and then what ever else is left I spend on other things.

Perfect example is that I earn a low wage working on an apple orchard – and because of this I choose to live in a caravan at the moment so that I can continue to afford all the nice foods that I need to stay fit and healthy.

I can afford to live in a house with the money I earn, but I would need to spend less on food each month, which I just won’t do.

I chose this job because I knew that I needed to get back to the land after living in a city and working indoors too much – I knew that I would be fitter and healthy by getting a job like this because I would stay so active during the day time.

I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford to eat the healthy foods I like to if I wanted to live in a house whilst working at the orchard – so I made the decision to buy a caravan and live in it for a few years and then see where I’m at after this.

Well – that few years is up now and I’ve realised that I can just about afford to live in a house and still afford the healthy foods I want, however, it would have to be in a city, which I am not willing to do – so I’ve got to seriously think about getting another income or change to a higher paying job, but that’s a different subject altogether.

I also really get irritated by people who think that saving money by eating margarine instead of butter is a good thing.

Surely you don’t eat so much butter a week that it matters to try and save money by not buying it.

Don’t get me started on how devoid of nutrients margarine is or what it does to your insides when you consume it – it is so nutrition less I really don’t see the point in eating it.

When we talk about butter then it could almost be called super-food compared to margarine – it’s full of nutrients, and most importantly it’s full of good fat that the body needs for so many things to keep itself healthy.

Then we’ve got milk – the crap that is sold in most shops and supermarkets really shouldn’t be called milk.

When milk is pasteurized all the good bacteria in it is killed off – yes the bad bacteria is too, but you want the good bacteria in your body.

Then you’ve got the homogenization which splits the fat globules so small that there are absorbed by the body in the wrong places and end up causing a lot of harm.

Then you’ve got skimmed and semi-skimmed which really can’t be called milk because there are mostly made up of water.

So you need to be drinking whole organic milk or if possible raw milk – which I drink.

It’s ok to drink organic milk as normally it’s not pasteurized although it is still homogenized – so it’s better than nothing.

A quick search on the internet and you should be able to find a farm which you can get raw milk from or there is even a company delivering raw milk nationally now I believe.

Okey dokey I think I’d better stop there, as I’ve taken so long to write this post that I no longer feel like ranting, heh!

I just wish people would realise that their health is important than anything else and no matter the cost it should always come first – it doesn’t hurt to go without material things, but it does hurt to compromise on your health.

Until next time…



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