My first Attempt at Using a Cut Throat Razor!

After using various types of  ‘normal’ razors over the years I decided last week to look into getting a straight razor, or as they are more commonly called a ‘cut throat’ razor.

I searched around  the interweb and after visiting a number of websites I realised that this wasn’t to be an off the cuff purchase as most of them are pretty expensive, what with having to get sharpening equipment too.

So after much deliberating I decided to get a disposable straight razor, or specifically the Dovo Tortoise Shavette:

I went for a disposable one so that I could test it out and get used to it before purchasing a proper straight razor – if I don’t get on with it then I haven’t wasted too much money.

I also decided to buy some shaving cream from the same website – I ended up getting some Geo.F.Trumper Rose scented cream: only because the stuff I currently use is getting low, and I fancied a change too.

So the razor got delivered and I got all excited, strange really as it’s only a razor, but I feel all manly using such a deadly instrument haha!

I should add that before I shaved today I hadn’t done so for 10 days, so my nice short stubble had turned into proper hair which was my first mistake because when it gets that long it’s a bugger to shave with a normal razor let alone a cut throat razor – although it shouldn’t matter I get a small rash under the hair of each cheek which I think is from the hair irritating my skin.

Alas I didn’t listen to myself and went ahead with the straight razor anyway – big mistake!

After putting a hot flannel on my face to soften up the hairs, followed by the new shaving cream (which I might add really lathers up nicely) I went ahead and began shaving with the straight razor.

The first stroke went well on the right side of my face, most of the hair came off, and it didn’t snag at all – great I thought.

But then when I went ahead to do the second stroke I went over a rash patch and the razor cut my face (ouch!) but I didn’t worry too much as that side of my face was done, well that was until I saw the blood pouring from my face!

It was only a small nick I thought, but it oozed with blood – but I ignored it and went ahead with the left side of my face … OUCH, I did it again, I cut myself!

But this time I didn’t angle the razor properly and tried to shave at what was probably close to a 90 degree angle haha … and to say that the cut bled is a bit of an understatement.

So I decided to give up with the straight razor – I stopped the bleeding and then continued my shave with a normal disposable bic razor.

I think the lesson I’ve taken from today is that firstly I need to check my shaving technique and secondly I need to shave when I only have stubble to shave off and not little hairs that have caused a few spots to occur on my face.

After a bit of consideration this evening, I think that if I get on with the disposable straight razor that I might stay with it rather than faffing around with an expensive one – mainly because I don’t want to be sharpening and oiling my razor blade, I’d rather just use one until it’s blunt and then throw it away.

And if my calculations are right, using a disposable straight razor should work out cheaper than using disposable blades for my normal razor.

I’ve got to wait until next Saturday now before I can shave in full daylight, as I can’t during the week because I’m at work from just after first light until it gets dark – which should be just about on the limit

So a failed attempt at using a cut throat razor, but I’ll stick with for another attempt and hopefully it’ll be fine.

Until next time…


18.01.11 Update: My 2nd attempt at using a cut throat razor!


4 thoughts on “My first Attempt at Using a Cut Throat Razor!

  1. ermine 10/01/2011 / 7:14 pm

    Bloody hell mate, that is either brave or crazy, I haven’t yet worked out which 🙂 Good luck on the rematch…

    • The WeeWelshman 10/01/2011 / 8:27 pm

      Haha yeah I think it’s probably on the crazy side!

      Not sure why I am persevering with the straight razor as it doesn’t make sense from a health point of view, especially with my technique! 🙂

      Just something feels really manly about using it and is urging me to continue – maybe I need to get rid of some testosterone or something heheh!

      If you don’t see a post next Saturday evening or thereafter you know the rematch hasn’t gone well! 😉



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