I haven’t used soap or shampoo in 6 years and I only wash twice a week.

I’ve just been surfing around the interwebs and I came across a couple of articles here and here on not using soap or shampoo for 12 months and just using water to wash.

So I thought that as other people are telling everyone how long it’s been since they have used soap or shampoo to wash, then I thought I’d do it too.

Oh wait – I’ve put the answer in the title of this post, dag nammit!

That’s right it’s been over 6 years since I’ve only used water to wash, and I’ve only washed twice a week for the last 9 months!

So let’s get to the why…

About 6 years ago I decided that I hated using shampoo to wash my hair and I didn’t see the point in using soaps and body washes on the rest of me.

I had already been eating more healthy whole foods for a few years and using alternative more natural products in other aspects of my life, so I thought that I wanted to go the next stage and see what it was like to wash naturally.

I’ve never really enjoyed using soaps or shampoo’s anyway, it wasn’t that they left parts of my body dry or that they didn’t agree with me, I just never felt like it was normal to use them all the time, but then I didn’t do anything about it.

After a few weeks and then months had passed of only using water, I can’t say that I noticed any difference in my skin or hair – my hair has always been short so I couldn’t really tell if it was softer or not as oily etc, and my skin has always been pretty good too.

I think because of my reasonably healthy eating that my skin gets all the nourishment it needs, although I do occasionally get a few bits of dry skin on my eyebrows and the bit of forehead in-between them – but I just put a bit of coconut oil on it and it sorts it out.

And so here I am 6 years later and I still don’t use soap or shampoo when I wash – although I do use about a tea-spoon full of my partners shampoo when I cut my hair.

I’ve got short hair and when it gets a little long I’ve got my own hair clippers and I cut it short again and obviously need to wash out any hair which doesn’t normally come out with just water – so like I said I grab a small amount of my partners shampoo and use that to make sure all the little hairs have gone, other than that nothing but water has touched my head or skin when it comes to cleaning them.

I should mention that up until 2 years ago I had mainly office jobs, so really washing with soap wasn’t that necessary anyway as I wouldn’t exactly work up a sweat sat on my arse typing on the computer or talking on the phone!

But since then I’ve been working at the Apple orchard and there are times when I sweat here – but yet I still only wash with water and I’m fine with it, no stink, just natural me smell!

What also helps is that like I said before I eat pretty healthy – by this I mean that I eat whole foods, locally sourced meat, raw milk, butter and veg that is either organic or not cheap shit, and although I do eat junk food, I know where to stop before it has a negative effect on me.

Eating healthy like this does without a doubt have an affect on my body odour, or lack or it, and also the condition of my skin – if I feed my body good wholesome foods then I’ll be rewarded with a more healthy body: it makes sense when you think about it doesn’t it!?

And to add to the not using soaps or shampoo’s, because I’m living in a caravan with no proper washing facilities now, I actually only normally wash twice a week!

Yes I’m in a physically demanding job but because I am pretty fit I very rarely sweat and I hardly ever get that dirty anyway.

During the summer just gone there were times where it was really hot and I did sweat a fair bit, and I of course had to wipe the necessary bits, but I didn’t get dirty so I didn’t bother washing all over more than twice a week.

Even now when it’s raining and muddy all over the orchard I still manage to only wash twice a week – and to be honest I don’t think there’s any reason to wash any more than that.

I’m wearing clothes all day, so the majority of my body is covered up and doesn’t get dirty, in fact even my hands and face never seem to get that dirty, yes I wipe them with hand wipes when I’ve finished work, but I still only wash properly twice a week.

What the last 9 months living fulltime in the caravan has taught me is to not be too bothered about dirt and cleanliness.

Yes of course if I prepare meat for food then I wipe my hands, but anything else I just don’t bother, and I don’t get ill from it.

In fact I can count on one hand how many times in the last 5 years I have been ill, and then it’s only been minor colds – a combination of my healthy eating and the physical job keep me fit and illness free.

Oh and incase anyone wonders – the way I wash in the caravan is by boiling up some hot water, grabbing a washing up bowl and filling it up with a bit of cold and hot water, grab a flannel and off I go.

I don’t see that as anything taxing really, most of the people who know me think I am a bit strange, but I earn a low wage and I love my job, so the only way right now for me to save any money is to live like I do … and I love it.

Anyway enough of that – anyone fancy sharing if they go without soap and shampoo, or if they only wash irregularly, I’d like to hear your stories.

Until next time…



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