Minimalism or Multi-Level Marketing

I’ve just come across a post over at Ridiculously Extraordinary which I started reading recently and it sums up perfectly what I’ve been thinking about the minimalist scene lately.

About six months ago I came across a few blogs on minimalism and book-marked them and have been reading them ever since.

Although I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist as such, I do like the whole ethos around it, and I actually practice my own kind of minimalism every 6 months or so by whittling down the amount of books I own, or DVD’s or cloths that I haven’t worn or used for a long time etc – so I suppose I am kind of minimalist, although, nah not really.

But what I like about this post is that it says exactly what I’ve been thinking lately – and this being that there are a lot more blogs about minimalism that have popped up, and it is starting to feel like a multi-level marketing scheme or something of that ilk.

It’s almost as if they are all in cahoots with each other:

Minimalist blogger 1: “hey look I’ve written an e-book about minimalist shopping”

Minimalist blogger 2: “hey look I’ve written an e-book about minimalist eating”

Minimalist blogger 3 “hey look I’ve written an e-book about minimalist shitting”

Minimalist blogger 4 “hey look I’ve written an e-book about minimalist bloggers 1,2 and 3’s ebooks”

It just feels all samey as well, all of them have the same idea’s, the same clean-cut blogs (ahem – so do I, yeah I know, ssshhhh ignore that bit), and some of them seem to come across as though they are judging everybody who reads their blog – look I’ve left my job as a lawyer/graphic designer/grave digger and look at me now: I’ve only got eleventy-twelve possessions, I’ve been to 140 third world countries, rubbing the fact I have lots of money into the faces of the people who don’t, then I blog about it, hazaar!

Now I don’t mind a blog that tells me if the food I am eating is killing me, or is making me ill and will kill me (and can prove it), because that is based on fact – but me having 20 books or 7 pairs of jeans or lots of stuff all over my caravan because I like to collect things or freeze-dried badger poop because I like… ahem, ok ok that last one is just being stupid, but you get the idea.

But wait – I’ve just got to sell all those things and tadaa, my conscience will be clear, the world will be a better place and I can write an e-book about it.

In my e-book I’ll tell everyone else how bad they are for working their nuts off to buy things and actually enjoy owning them – being able to sit back and marvel at something tangible in their lives, something permanent that they can look back on and think “you know, I loved that moment of my life, look what I have to show for it … oh shit, I forgot, I’m a minimalist and I’ve got fuck all to show for it, apart from some ebooks that tell me how I sold it all”.

Ahem, OK sorry about that last paragraph or two, I went off on one – think I need to stop eating these jaffa cakes, there just damn tasty, soft cakey orangy chocolate covered things that they are!

Anyhoo, go take a read of the post over at Ridiculously Extraordinary and then bookmark the blog because it’s kool, non-condescending and well just because! 😉

Until next time…



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