Go Kill Yourself – Global Warming is Inevitable!

I’ve just read one of the best articles in a long time on supposed man-made Global Warming.

It has lightened my mood (seeing as though I am recovering from a bad migraine today) and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In January 2009 I was starting full-time at the Apple Orchard, and I was of the opinion that the world was warming, it was to do with human beings and if we didn’t change our lives the world-as-I-knew-it would be destroyed within my lifetime.

Now – I must say that I didn’t completely believe this, but at the time I had met a number of ‘alternative’ people who believed it and gave across very good arguments as to why I should too, and being someone who doesn’t really understand scientific things and big words, I believed them of course.

However, like I said I started working full-time at the Apple Orchard, and this was the turning point – I started to be surrounded by people who didn’t believe that the world was warming and that humans had nothing to do with the climate.

And during the next few months I spent a fair bit of time researching stuff on the interweb – and gradually I started to realise that the things I had believed or partly believed about climate change were actually all wrong.

With thanks to a number of websites (climaterealists.com being one of them) I was able to read information that made me realise how wrong my beliefs had been.

Since then I have read so much open, honest and well researched information on the climate that I am a complete human induced global warming denialist and proud of it!

So – getting back to the post I have just read over at rightsidenews.com, it’s by a guy called Daniel Greenfield and I highly recommend you go read it here.

Until next  time…



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