Have you begun working on your New Year resolutions yet??

I can proudly say that I have begun one of my new year resolutions – that being ‘Going to the dentist to sort my teeth out’

I’ve found a local dentist and been in to register today, now I’ve got my check-up next Wednesday, which I’m a little wary of because I haven’t been to a dentist in about 7 years and I know of a few things wrong with my teeth.

I feel like a little school kid waiting to see the headmaster – I know the dentist will not be happy with my teeth and will say let I’ve let them get quite bad.

And they’ll be dead right, as from about August 2004 after having a tooth out, I didn’t really look after my teeth until about a year ago.

I didn’t brush regularly nor did I floss or keep my sugar intake down – and now I’ve paid the price.

I know of 1 broken tooth and 1 cracked tooth, and I know of 3 or 4 teeth which are showing signs of decay and will need filing and then capping I think, oh and one tooth I already have a filling in needs to be refilled I think as some of the filling has come out.

The last year has been a lot better in looking after my teeth in that I brush twice a day, chew a teeth cleaning gum after my main meals and I also floss – and the main one, I’ve cut down on the amount of sugar I eat, or should I say sugary snacks, heh!

So, it’s probably going to be an expensive few weeks visiting the dentist, but it’ll be worth it once it’s done, then I’ve just got to make sure I go for regular check-ups.

It feels really good to be on the way to completing one of my new year resolutions, just need to begin another one this week too.

Going to the gym is next, and I was going to go on Tuesday morning, but I have come across  a new workout regime which I’m going over and finalising the details before I get going.

So I’m going Saturday morning instead now, which will be good as I will be out of the gym by 8am meaning I can crack on with food shopping etc and then I’ll be home by midday ready to watch some football!

Oh and although this isn’t a new years resolution, I’ve made a conscious decision to support more local shops, so I’ll be buying my meat from a local butchers and also my fresh produce too and along with already buying my Raw milk from a local farm that should be a big chunk of my weekly shop done at small local producers!

The beginning of this year is turning out to be fantastic so far – more of the same please!!

So what about you?

Have any of you begun your new year resolutions – did you actually make any?

Let me know!

Until next time…



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