Rant: Why did I leave a city job for a country job?

Oh boy – first day back @ the orchard after the holiday period and it was really hard work today, so much so that I feel the need for a rant…

I was working in the farm shop today and although we didn’t have many customers through the doors, one in particular we did have asked me an interesting question.

They were enquiring as to who I was as they hadn’t seen me before, to which I responded that I had only been at the orchard for a few seasons.

They then asked where I was working before I came to the orchard, to which I replied that I worked in an office job in a city – and they turned around and said “really? and you left a  job in a nice warm and dry office to come and work on an Apple orchard in the rain and cold etc, why would you do that?”

I replied by saying  “It was killing me with boredom, I needed a challenge and wanted to experience something different, plus it keeps me fit too” – to which they looked at me with a quizzicle look, handed me the Apples they wanted to buy and said “well each to their own I suppose” paid the money for the Apples and promptly left the farm shop.

For the most of this afternoon all I had running through my head was this customers question, and their response to my answer, and for some reason it really erked me – I really got annoyed with their response.

I don’t know why, but I found myself justifying in my head why I had left a city life for a country life, and getting more and more annoyed at this customer.

It was a good job they did leave promptly as I probably would have said something I shouldn’t have – I just can’t get my head round why someone would think living in a city is better than living in the country.

My health has vastly improved to what it was living in a city – although I was already pretty healthy anyway, I am definately much healthier now I work and live in the country than I was when I worked and lived in a city.

The job I now have is much more mentally and physically challenging than any office job or most city jobs could offer me – I could work on a computer and answer the phone with my dick stuck in a vice and a pineapple shoved up my ass: an office job is hardly challenging, you’ve only got to have a vague bit of intelligence and you’ll be the office manager in no time.

With a country job and lifestyle I get to see what the real world is like every single day, and not just on my days off or at the weekends like I would in a city – I get to see these strange things called animals too!

I get to see and be involved in the whole process of the fresh produce I like to eat – rather than just buying it from a supermarket and having no idea what it takes to bring that food to me or where it even comes from.

And even if none of that is important, for me life is not about earning more and more money – its about having experiences of the real world and for me realising how far detatched city life actually is from it.

As human beings I strongely feel that we need to all step back from our city lives and jobs and really think about what it means to be human, and more importantly what the human body should be doing on a daily basis.

Surely our bodies have not been created to sit around in chairs all day staring at monitors only getting up to feed ourselves or go for a shit.

For me being active all day, using my body to it’s fullest where ever possible is what being a human is about.

My body is covered in muscles that are best utilised by pushing, pulling and carrying things and they are at their strongest and healthiest when being used this way on a constant basis.

If we continue to live and work in cities then what is the point of having a real world at all?

Why don’t we all just plug ourselves into the computers we use and create a virtual world instead – thats what a city is, it’s so vastly different than the real world you may as well be in a computer game.

Alas, I digress from the point of my post.

I left a city life for a country life because I couldn’t find an honest or real person in a city.  I could only find people who were interested in being told what to do, who wanted to be something other than their real selves, something fake.

I also left the city for a country life because I wanted a job that used my mind and body to it’s fullest, or atleast gave me the opportunity to do so.  I wanted to create something of use, something people appreciated – something real.

And you can’t get much more real than food – and wholesome, fresh food at that!

So – why would you leave a city job for a country job?

  • If you feel that most jobs in a city are pointless and don’t create anything of real value.
  • If you feel deep down that money cannot get you the things that will make you really happy.
  • If you feel living in a city isn’t the right choice for a human being who wants to live in the natural world.

Those are the reasons I left a city for – and I don’t regret it one bit, my life feels so much more fuller now: I feel more of a human being now than I ever have.

When I think about the money side of things I realise that the city had ways of eating up the money I earned – even though it was nearly 50% more than I earn now here in the country.

But living in the country I have found ways of over coming that drop in money, and most times I don’t even need to over come anything, instead I just don’t need the things I spent my money on in the city.

Anyway rant over I’ve said what I needed to, got what ever it was I needed to off my chest.

Until next time…



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