Would you like to know how to live a little differently??

So – I’ve decided to have a little clean up around the blog and come up with a tagline for it…

And the tagline I have come up with is:

Living a Little Differently

So without further ado let me explain a little.

What this blog has been about:

Inane drivel from my rather warped mind – drivel that has been written in a rather boring, dull and thoughtless fashion: never with the intention of someone reading it in mind.

What this blog is now about:

Inane drivel from my rather warped mind – drivel that will be written in an informative, thoughtful fashion:  with the hope intention of someone reading it.

— — —

Right now that is out-of-the-way lets move onto why I’ve put this post up…

I’ve come to the realisation that throughout my whole life I have had a tendency to live a little differently – hence now the tag line of this blog!

Now when I say live a little differently what I mean is that I haven’t always done what other people have done – not just for the sake of being different but mainly because I’ve always questioned things.

From around the age of 13 I began to question everything and anything around me – it got me into some trouble, but most of the time it got me interested in different things, and then to asking more questions!

One thing led to another, and here I am at the grand old age of 33 and I’ve realise that because I’ve lived my life differently compared to others perhaps I should write about it, and see if I can offer some advice to other people who also want to try and live a little differently.

The topics that I want to cover will be quite wide ranging, but I want them all to be around the main core of ‘Living a Little Differently

I want to cover subjects like:

  • Money/Finances
  • Jobs/Careers
  • Food and Health
  • Houses and Trees
  • Western Toilets and Eastern Curries
  • Cats and Furballs in your morning tea

OK so I’m being a little silly with a couple of those topics, but hopefully you get the idea!?

One thing I hope that will be different on each of the subjects I write about is that it will be the alternative aspect of each subject, the side that doesn’t always get talked about.

I’ve always questioned things like:

  • Whats in the food I eat and where does it come from – should I really be eating something even though I love the taste?
  • Whats in the everyday products I use and where do they come from – should I just listen to what the companies selling the product tell me?
  • Should I be in a full-time job and do I need to have a career – or can I live a comfortable life in part-time work in various different jobs and locations?
  • Should I save as much money as possible for a retirement – or why do I ever have to retire if I have a job I love?

These are just a few of the things that I’d like to write about from now on – a lot of the subjects will be from personal experience but either way I hope you enjoy what I write and that you gain some useful information from it too.

Feel free to leave your comments or feedback and let me know if there is a subject you’d like me to cover – and I’ll do my best to offer some insight from my rather egotistical mind: I can’t promise it’ll make any sense, but I can assure you that it will be an insight!

Until next time…



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