My New Year Resolutions – Because I’m Worth It!

Since leaving the city for the countryside in 2006 I’ve been happy to let my life ‘go with the flow’ as they say.

I haven’t made any New Year resolutions for a few years now – not because I haven’t needed to, but because I haven’t wanted to.

I’ve made conscious decisions along the way over the last 4 years or so but nothing has been concrete or planned in advance – if something came my way I’ve gone with it and seen where it took me.

And it’s got me from living in a city in an office job I didn’t really like, to living in a caravan on an Apple orchard in a job I really love.

But now I want more – I’m happy with what I have, but there is something inside of me that wants more from life, something that ‘going with the flow’ just cannot give me.

So sitting here now surfing around the interweb at the end of 2010 I’ve made the conscious decision to write some goals down for 2011 and deliberately work towards them.

2011 New Year Resolutions:

1: Find a dentist and get my teeth sorted out. *Updated – see below

2: Save money for a deposit on a house.

3: Look for a new job.

4: Eat healthy food more regularly.

5: Exercise outside of work twice a week.

6: Write more on my blog.

— — —

Now, I’ll go into a little more detail about each goal…

1: Find a dentist and get my teeth sorted out

Since leaving the city in 2006 I’ve been really lax with the care of my teeth – I’ve eaten far more sugary food than I should have, and combined with irregular brushing: my teeth have gradually declined to their current state.

I’ve got a number of cracked teeth and a couple of holes in different teeth too – all need taking care of sooner rather than later.

Over the last few months I’ve been brushing much more regularly and vastly decreased the amount of sugary food I eat, and now that I have this sorted out I need to get to a dentist to sort out the teeth which have problems.

12th Jan update

I’ve registered at a dentist and been for my check up today – better news than I first thought, I only need 3 small fillings and my last wisdom tooth removed as it’s cracked.

So overall a much better result than I had initially thought, got the appointment for next week and it’s all going to be done in one sitting, egads!

2: Save money for a deposit on a house

Once the dentist bill has been paid I then need to save a deposit for a house.

Living in a caravan is great and it allows me much more financial flexibility, however, it is very restrictive when I am unable to do anything permanent outside the caravan and I am limited space wise on the inside too.

Whilst it’s been great the last few years living in a caravan, I now need the permanence of a house and the extra luxury of utilities that it will bring.

The plan is to have enough money saved up for the move into a house by the end of April.

3: Look for a new job

Now this shouldn’t really be on my list of goals for 2011 as I am as happy with my job as I have ever been with a job before.

I work on an Apple orchard from 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri – I get all the physical and mental stimulation I could ask for from a job.

Yes the financial reward is one of the lowest wages I have ever earned, however, I can overcome that as and when I need to – when I can create a list of the things that I don’t like about a job on more than one hand I start to think I need to move on.

I’m not going to list these things right now, simply because it’s not fair on my employer if they come across this blog, and really they are only dislikes from my own point of view of what I want from a job.

But I’ve decided that I need a change and staying in my current job isn’t going to bring it about – so once I’m out of the caravan on the orchard I’ll be looking for a new job: I’m going to stay in the fresh food industry, but other than that right now I don’t know, so I’ll think about this as the months go by.

4: Eat healthy food more regularly

Eating healthy food isn’t a problem for me, but it is on a consistent basis.

I know what I need to eat to stay healthy, but eating it regularly is where I fall down.

I have a sweet tooth (hence my unhealthy teeth!) and keeping that in touch is where I go wrong – I can eat the healthy food each day that I need to, but then I add in too many sugary snacks.

This then leads onto more sugary snacks until I start eating more of them than I do healthy food.

Usually this only lasts few a few days and then I run out of sugary snacks cut out the sugary snacks and get back to eating healthy food, but the over consumption of these snacks has led to my rapid decline in teeth health and therefore needs to stop.

For me it’s as simple as not buying the snacks which in turn means not visiting the shops as often as I do – it’s funny really because it’s almost as if when upon entering a shop any kind of sugary snack subliminally calls to me ‘buy me WeeMike – you know I taste great!’ .. and I grab the healthy food I went in for aswell as the tasty sugary snack.

I know it only comes down to will power in the end, so it’s just a case of ramping up the will power and ignoring the voices that come into my head!

5: Exercise outside of work twice a week

Now seeing as though I work at an Apple orchard I get all the physical exercise I need, and without a doubt I am fitter stamina wise than I have ever been in my entire life – seeing as though I am on my feet lifting and moving things 7-8 hrs a day, 5 days a week!

But where I want to improve is strength and muscle size.

I have more strength than most people my size, I know that, but I want to have slightly bigger muscles, and to be stronger than I already am.

I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy jobs at the orchard that require strength to do the job and although I have plenty to do the jobs that need doing, I just feel that I want more muscle strength and size than I currently have.

When I was in an office job, I use to have bigger and stronger muscles than I have now because I used to lift a lot of weights but without a doubt I have lost some of that strength and size and replaced it with smaller muscles that have a lot more stamina.

So I am committing to going to the gym twice a week for a weights workout – which will be great, I’m already excited about going to lift weights at the gym .. does that make me sad??

6: Write more on my blog

My 6th and final goal for the new year is really self-fulfilling when I think about it!

Well it might not be if I’m lazy about writing, but as I’m always on the net in my spare time then I don’t really have an excuse to not write on the blog.

And it’ll be fun I think too as lately I’ve started to want to share my offline life with people on the interweb and what better way than to share my work towards these goals?

It also hits two birds with one stone in that I get to write out my working towards these goals as well as massage my ego a little when I do reach them by seeing it down in writing, heh!

— — —

So, there we go – these are my goals for the New Year, and I’m really chuffed that I’ve made them too.

Although I have always and will continue to ‘go with the flow’ I’m feeling pretty damn excited about working towards these goals – it feels energizing to have something planned out in front of me: I don’t know why I even stopped writing goals a few years ago now!?

Anyhoo – if you read this and feel like commenting on my goals or perhaps you want to share your own then feel free to leave a comment below!

Until next time…



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