A Christmas of relaxation and planning for a New Year!

So it’s been and gone Christmas and it’s been one of the most relaxing one’s we’ve had in a long while.

Its been nice and snug with the wood stove going – oh and of course the snow still being around helped make it feel like a real Christmas too: why is it that snow at Christmas times makes it ‘more’ Christmassy or is that just me?

We had a nice leisurely Christmas morning, then went for a walk along the canal, which was completely iced over and by the time we got back it was time to put the big dinner on.

We cooked it with no fuss or hassle, it was eaten by candle light along with a light Ale – as neither of us could decide on a wine so we went with an Ale instead, heh – all being nice and snug with the wood stove: well actually it did get really hot at one point what with the oven going full pelt too, so even though it was -6 outside we had some windows open to cool down!

And we then spent the evening relaxing listening to some music and watched a Christmas movie, ahhhh.

We then waited to see if we would get a thaw of the snow so we could get to see Dena’s in-laws, and it came right on cue Sunday night and Monday morning – which was good as it meant more food and pressies, hazaar!

And now it’s all done and dusted for another year – and having Christmas in a caravan with no decent washing up facilities has made me realise how useful paper plates are: eat on them and then throw any scraps into the bushes then burn them: not very sustainable or eco-friendly but hey ho, lifes a bitch!

Being in the caravan for so long relaxing over the last few days has enabled us to start planning for the new year – we haven’t done so for the last few years as we’ve just let things flow, but this year we feel it’s time to make some plans again and see where we go.

This last days we’ve realised how much more we have been using the local supermarkets instead of the local small shops.

It’s kind of creeped up on us really, it’s obviously so much more convenient to go shop in one place, but it doesn’t help the local community nor environment either – we’re making a commitment for the new year to buy as much as possible from local shops and only shop at the supermarket once every few weeks.

It’s a challenge in the caravan as we don’t have a lot of storage space for food, nor a very big freezer but we’ll do the best we can and see where it gets us.

It’ll help me stop eating junk food too – well, pre-brought junk food that is.  My plan is to stop buying junk food like cakes etc and to start baking my own again, like I did a few months ago: I gave up a little to easy blaming lack of space in the caravan, but I’m going to give it another go in the new year.

But then the lack of space won’t be an issue for too much longer either as we’re aiming to be in a house by the end of April: we’ve got to visit the dentist a few times before then, but once that’s done we’re hoping we can get into a house sooner rather than later.

And then of course it’ll be time to start looking for a new job, which will be the hardest as knowing how the job market is like down this way, it’s not going to be easy: and wanting to stay in the outdoor food industry as well is going to make it equally as hard, but again we’ll see what happens.

There are a number of other new years resolutions we’re going to make but I’ll save them for another post as I’m going to use my organisational skills or anal retentiveness as Dena calls it, and write everything down so that we can tick them off as and when we make progress … and that includes having exercise fitness goals again this year.

Anyhoo, that’s for the next post.

Until next time…




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