It’s nearly Christmas and the snow is here – whoop!

A month has been and gone at the orchard and it’s flown by as we’ve been so busy.

It’s been a constant blur of grading and packing Apple after Apple – we must have gone through so many tonnes of Apples in the last few weeks espiecially.

The few weeks before Christmas are really busy in the orchard, we get numerous amounts of orders for gift boxes of Apples that are to be sent all over the UK, and we get a lot of customers coming into the farm shop to buy boxes of Apples for presents too.

It’s not been as busy as last year in the farm shop though, but the markets and the postal orders have been as busy if not busier I think.

The farm shop hasn’t been helped by the snow we’ve had in the last few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago we had about 1cm of snow and because of the low temperatures it froze and hardly no-one wanted to come down the lane to the orchard – then this last few days we’ve had about 6 inches of snow and that has pretty much scared everyone off from coming down the lane.

It’s not been particularly hard to drive in this weather as I’ve been driving around seeing a family members and friends with Christmas presents – you just have to take it easy and have a bit of common sense about you when driving on the snow and ice, high gears when driving off, and high gears and momentum when going up hills is all it takes to drive on the roads around here.

If we’d had a few feet of snow that would be different, but it’s been a small enough amount to still be able to drive in, but a lot of people just don’t seem to be able to do so.

We’re having this Christmas to ourselves this year – just me and Dena in the caravan, oh and our new cat that turned up a few weeks back….

One evening we finished work at the orchard and were on our way back to the caravan and we heard this meowing – I looked where it was coming from and this Ginger cat came running out and was really friendly rubbing itself around us and meowing a lot.

We left it alone hoping it would go back home where-ever that was, but a few hours later and it was sat on our caravan door step constantly meowing.

So I picked it up and wandered around the few houses near the orchard, but to no avail as no-one knew it or who’s it might be.

I tried to leave it up the lane to see if it would wander back home, but it just followed me back to the orchard and then the caravan!

That evening was really cold so we let it in the caravan and it hasn’t left since.

We took it to the vets the next day to see if it had been chipped, but nope – so I put up some posters locally and contacted the nearest few animal shelters in the hope that someone may have lost it.

And here we are 6 weeks later and it is still with us – so we’ve decided to keep it, and it turns out to be a he, and we’ve named him Winston!

Apparently Winston Churchill was fond of Ginger cats, but we didn’t know this so it’s just a coincidence.

So it’s going to be the three of us this Christmas, in what looks like to be a snowy one too, and the warm wood stove, aaahhh!

Winston is really good at catching mice, but he likes to bring them into the caravan and eat them, but we can’t grumble as it’s good that he can eat something natural.

We’re feeding him a cat food called Natures Menu as it seems to be the best food with the most natural meat in it and nothing else, and he also gets the occassional raw egg and some raw milk every now and then – hopefully we can keep him nice and healthy!

Anyhoo, thats about all I can manage to type up this evening – I’ve got the stove going really warm and I am baking so I’m feeling a little sleepy so to keep me awake I’m off to play on my early Christmas present of a Wii console, whoop whoop!!

Here’s some pictures of the snow we’ve had in the last few days….

And here’s one of our new cat Winston…

Until next time…



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