Do You Believe in the Toothbrush Tree??

A few years ago I decided to change my toothpaste to something alternative.

I searched the interweb for what was in my toothpaste I was using at the time, and I was surprised to see so many chemicals included in the ingredients – and after looking at various other toothpastes I realised that most of these ingredients were also in all the other ‘normal’ toothpastes too.

So I continued searching on the interweb to see what alternatives there were, and to my surprise I came across a good dozen different toothpastes all saying that they had more natural ingredients.

One that stuck out the most was called ‘Sarakan

The main ingredient is from ‘Salvadora persica’ which is more commonly known as the Toothbrush Tree.

Apparently it’s been widely used for centuries from Africa to India – where people would make a bristly chewing stick from twigs of the plant and use this as a toothbrush.

Todays scientists have found that the plant has many valuable properties when it comes to uses in the mouth – i.e antiseptic, cleaning etc.

So after much reading up on this natural alternative to normal toothpastes I decide to buy some.

And here I am 2 months late and I won’t be using anything else again, the stuff really is amazing.

I only have to use a small amount on my toothbrush and it leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and my teeth feel really smooth after brushing too.

But most amazingly is that this feeling lasts for hours – and most days beyond lunch time even after I have eaten my lunch too.

And when it comes to brushing my teeth at night, my teeth still feel really fresh and clean the next morning – whereas with previous toothpastes I would have what seemed like a film over my teeth which made them feel really nasty.

Anyway – to say I am more than happy with this new toothpaste is an understatement, I just can’t get over how fresh my mouth feels each time I brush my teeth now and for the following 5-6 hours too!

Right, that’s my first product review over – it’s a bit short, but I didn’t want to go on about it too much – hopefully someone reading this will be motivated to go look for an alternative toothpaste!

Until next time…



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