Living a real life is far better than living an interweb life!

Blimey time flies when you’re having fun – a bit of a cliché I know, but it’s so true!

Last Monday when I put up the last post I had intentions of putting up a couple more and also another one this week on particular subjects – however, life has just got in the way!

In the orchard all of our seasonal pickers have now gone, meaning that from having about 14 people around the orchard at night-time, we now only have four.

All of them stayed in either tents or camper vans and I had got quite used to bumping into people whilst wandering around the orchard or up to the yard to get water etc.

But now they’ve all gone it feels weird walking around the orchard and not finding anyone at night-time – it’s kind of nice though as I like my solitude, but I had got used to it in a strange way.

Anyhoo, it made last week go quickly as pretty much every evening someone new was leaving so we had a bonfire or a drink etc … or there was footy on TV which means I normally don’t go on the interweb that evening!

Then this weekend came and went, we had Apple Day at the orchard, then we had one last bonfire that night and that melded into Sunday as drinking went on quite late, then the next thing I know we are now Wednesday 9-10 days later and looking back at my interweb activity I have only been online twice during that time.

It wasn’t intentional me not using the interweb or the laptop much, but various things happened and I never felt the urge to plug myself in – I do have interweb access on my mobile that I use every now and again at work during lunch time, but only to keep an eye on footy stuff, heh!

Anyway I’m going to leave this little personal update there as I’m not up to talking about anything more coherent than that.

I’ve got a few new posts up my sleeve for next week which are about alternative products I use and why I think you should use them too – so keep an eye out for them!

For now I’m off for a cappuccino and some Estonian chocolate (gift from one of the seasonal pickers!) …. NOM NOM!

Until next time…



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