It’s that period of the year: Conker time!

So it’s the time of year again for…….


We’ve got a few trees around the orchard and I picked up a few last night…




I don’t know what it is about a conker but I love em!

I love peeling open a spiky conker shell to reveal a new shiny smooth conker inside, there soooo cool! 🙂

Maybe it’s a child-hood thing as I know I used to play a lot of conkers when I was young at school.  Many times I used to get bruised hands from my opponent missing my conker badly and whacking my hand or alternatively me missing their conker completely and it swinging back around and hitting me on the knuckles … OUCH!!

I can’t remember the last time I played conkers but I’ve found something bonkers – a world championship conker competition… — apparently it’s been going since 1965 and people from around the world come every year .. wowzers who knew conkers was so popular!?

Funny Conker Fact:

Spiders are scared of conkers!

Apparently there is a chemical in conkers that deters spiders – although I’m not sure why you’d want to do that as I have no problem with spiders myself, and find them quite fascinating to watch.

We’ve certainly got our fair share of them in the caravan, and unless they come land on me then I generally leave them be.

Anyway, here’s a link to a page on the Royal Society of Chemistry website all about why spiders may be scared of conkers – … unfortunately there is no conclusive evidence as yet – I’m sure it’s just an old wifes tale!

So there you go – go find a conker tree and have some fun!

Until next time…



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