11 Free Pieces of Software You Can’t Do Without

I’ve been tidying up my poota this evening and I decided to create a geeky list called 11 Free Pieces of Software You Can’t Do Without.

It started off with my internet connection going down due to some bad weather – and seeing as though I’m on an Apple orchard sat in a caravan with a Dongle it means it can be intermittent at times: so I’m kind of used to it by now!

So here we go – below is the list of programmes: just click on the title of each programme to be taken to the website to download it if you so wish…

1: Zone Alarm ** – An easy to set up and use firewall that protects my poota from malicious incoming attacks – I’ve seen a number of other firewalls around but they all seem to bugger up the poota’s they are installed on, or cost way too much, so it was great to find Zone Alarm 4 or 5 years ago.

** (The link on this one isn’t the official website as I can never get on it with my slow Internet connection)

2: AVG Anti-virus – Another easy to set up and use programme, this one obvious by its name being an anti-virus. Since installing it 4 years ago I haven’t had a single virus problem (touch wood!) … some of that can of course be down to my improved intelligence when surfing the interwebs (by not going to dodgy websites!) but I definitely think this cool little programme even in its basic version has helped me massively!

3: Open Office – About 4 years ago I really started to get fed up not having a decent programme that could create word documents and spreadsheets, that was until I found out about this. It’s easy to use if you know how to use word docs and spreadsheets already, and even then if you don’t it’s easy enough to pick up.

4: VLC Media Player – Time and again over the years I was frustrated by Microsoft’s Media Player not being able to play a DVD or a video file I had downloaded, but then I found this cool piece of software and haven’t looked back. Easy to install and use, and has always played anything I have wanted to open video wise!

5: ScreenHunter Image Capture – If you like to capture screen-shots of things on your poota screen like I do, then having something that is easy to use like this programme is a must. It’s cool features include being able to capture the whole screen or grab a rectangular area of your choosing.

6: Mihov Image Resizer – I like to take a lot of photo’s on my mobile phone when I am out and about, and they are normally quite large in size due to the high contrast I like to take them in. So once I’ve downloaded them to my poota I use this cool little programme to shrink the size of the picture without decreasing the quality of the pic. This also allows me to have smaller pics to upload to the net which is great seeing as though I have a slow Internet connection.

7: Firefox Web Browser – For some reason certain people don’t like Microsoft – it might be the fact that their programmes are on nearly every poota on the planet, so because of this their programmes can be open to a large number of viruses – and therefore it makes sense to me to use as many programmes that are not created by Microsoft so as to try to avoid getting hit by a virus.

As it is pretty hard to browse the web without using a web browser (duh!) then replacing a Microsoft browser with any other one is an important step to take when trying to prevent getting hit with viruses for me — and Firefox fulfills this perfectly, oh and its the bestest ever web browser: so there!

8: Foxit Reader – I like to read a lot of stuff on the net, and this means I sometimes have to read stuff in PDF format a lot too.  Adobe are probably the most well-known PDF document company out there, but I find their programme extremely large to download and slow to use, and it also comes with a lot of guff I don’t need. So I use this little programme, it’s quick and easy to use.

9: DVD Decrypter – I like to watch a lot of DVDs and tend to rent a lot too. And I firmly believe that once I have paid my way to begin with I should be allowed to watch the same DVD over and over without having to pay for it again. Sure I could by the DVD, but I don’t think with the many millions of people who watch DVDs that they should be so high in price, and as the film companies don’t seem to be bringing down the price of DVDs any time soon, I choose to burn the DVDs I like and then return the DVD, or sell it on again and get most of my money back. Is this illegal, so I am told. Do I care, not a jot!

10: DVD Shrinker – Seeing as though I copy DVDs that I like and they are often quite large files once copied, it makes sense that I should shrink the same film down to a level that won’t take up as much space on my hard drives … so I use this nifty piece of software, it’s easy to use and has worked for every film I have wanted to shrink to date!

11: File Hippo — This last one is a bit of a lazy one for me but I like it anyway!  It’s a tiny piece of software that when used will tell you if any updates are available for any software you are using on your poota … very nifty and time-saving I think, oh and hippo’s really are cool!!

So there we have it, a Geeky list of free programmes that I like to use on my poota and that I think you should use too.

They have made my electronic life that little bit easier and cheaper – and I have now done my dues by sharing them with you, so bring on the karma! 🙂

Until next time….



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