Winter in a Caravan it is then!

Well, here I am sat in the caravan with it pouring down with rain outside, and I’m going to have to get used to it and to it getting a lot colder – as we are staying in the caravan for the winter season having decided to not take the house we were going to rent!

We decided that it was going to be too expensive to rent it, and we didn’t want to be short of cash each month just so that we could live in a house again – so we decided against it and will keep an eye out for another nice cottage to rent, but more than likely we’ll stay in the caravan over the winter.

So, that means we need to get the bits to install the woodstove (below)and sort out a few pallets to build a wood storage thing ma bob for the fire wood.


We’re also thinking of getting a small caravan which will have a shower in, as I don’t fancy bucket washing in the winter months, a nice warm shower will be very much appreciated – it will go next to our current one and we can also get one with a sink in so that it’s easier to do the dish washing too.

I’ve been looking at some double glazing type film to put over the caravan windows once it gets cold just to add some extra insulation – Dena is also beginning to make some extra thick small curtains for the windows, all to make sure we are snug when the cold comes.

We’ve already got some big water butts ready to fill up when it gets cold, because last year around Jan/Feb time the water pipes in the farm yard froze for a couple of weeks so as we don’t want to be without water for that long I’ll fill them up when it gets really cold and the bulk of the water should mean it doesn’t freeze … hopefully!

Apart from that I think we are ready for a winter – and weirdly enough I am actually looking forward to it, I’ve only had one winter in a caravan but it was in one that had electric heaters so it was kind of cheating really.  This year having our own wood burner will make it feel like proper winter caravan living, heh!

Anyhoo, can’t write anymore as I’m still feeling a bit drousy, too early on a Sunday morning, I should be alright to go surf some football stuff though, heh!

Here’s a pic from last year when it snowed, brrrrr.

Snow in the Orchard
Snow in the Orchard




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