Minimise your Life – Sell Some Books!

Going back to 2006 me and Dena had decided to move from the city to the country and we decided to sell as much of our stuff as we could.

Partly because we had so much stuff, but also to fund the move as it was a quick decision.

One week we were plodding along living a city life and within a week we had decided to up sticks and move to the country!

We were pretty brutal with getting rid of some of the stuff we had accumulated as we wanted it all done within a month and to be on our way – once we set our minds on something we get on with it and nothing stops us.

Dena set about some of her things and I set about some of mine, or more importantly the biggest thing of mine – and that is books!

I had developed a tendency to collect books, and all sorts of books at that – nothing special really, but I didn’t like getting rid of them for some reason, so I had a fair few shelves full of them aswell as a number of boxes around the house full of them too!


  • I started by going through the books and working out what one’s I had read only once and never read again, these then went in the for sale pile.
  • I then went through the books again and pulled out the one’s I had read several times but that I didn’t think I would need again – not one’s I didn’t want but one’s I didn’t need.

I was being brutal and it didn’t matter what I wanted to keep, I was only going to keep books that I needed to!

  • What I was left with was a load of books that were all non-fiction and educational – I had decided to only keep books that I could gain some kind of knowledge from in the future: wild food books, herbal books, nature books, self medication books, exercise books etc.

I’ve never been a particularly avid reader of fiction books, but I did own quite a few that needed to go – and all I wanted left were books that could be of some use in my new country self sufficient’ish’ natural independent minimalist lifestyle in the future.

I had whittled my book count down to about 60 and all of them I felt were going to be useful at some point in the future of my new life.

But how many was I going to sell?

One hundred and twenty – yep: 1 2 0!

Now that may not sound a lot to avid book readers/collectors, but it certainly took up a lot of space and I knew I could get some decent money for them as a lot of them were still in very good if not perfect condition – seeing as though I had only read most of them once!

  • So that evening I spent the entire time listing all of these books on Amazon for sale – and within 2 weeks I had sold nearly all of them and had gained over £550 for them: great! :o)

But the most important thing here is that here I am 4 years later: and I’ve still got about 60 books.

I’ve brought and sold many more than that during the last 4 years, but I’ve always been mindful to keep the amount I own permanently at this level.

I’ve only ever brought non-fiction educational books, but have decided to sell them when I’ve felt that I had learnt all I needed to from them or didn’t think I would need at any point in the future.

In fact I think I only own about 20 of the original 60 I kept from 4 years ago, and the main reason I have kept them is because they are hard to get hold of, so the knowledge contained within may be worth something.

My most recent purchase is a book on using natural signs in the environment to navigate – it’s from the 1930’s and I am so glad I found it at a car boot sale – it contains knowledge that really shouldn’t be lost!


So there you go – my point with this post was to highlight how easy it is to get rid of some of your clutter, and also make some money at the same time.

For me it was about minimising my biggest space hogger, and I happened to make some cash out of it.


If your like me then you like to keep up with the latest technology and something I’m keeping an eye on is e-books.

Today if I want a book that I don’t need in physical form I can now download it via an e-reader – I actually own nearly as many books digitally as I do in hard copy.

I haven’t bothered with buying an actually real life e-reader like say Amazon’s Kindle but I have downloaded the software to my laptop.

I never want to read other than when I am at home so my laptop is the best place for an e-reader, plus it saves me the cost of having to actually buy the Kindle too – I might get one in the future, but only when my favourite non-fiction educational books are available digitally!

There are a few added advantages of having your books in digital format, and I think the main one’s are:

  • Saving trees as no paper will be used
  • They’ll take up far less space
  • Saving money from buying hard copy versions

So with that in mind, why have you still got your old out of date hard copy books?

Oh right, your like me in that you got some books that are not available digitally yet – well, like me why don’t you get onto the publisher and ask them to sort it out!

Until next time…



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