I’ve been time travelling – summers nearly gone!

Blimey August has just flown by – one minute we we’re getting back from our holiday cottage in Wales and now here we are about to enter the last week in August!

The strange thing is I remember thinking to myself at the beginning of August that I wanted the month to fly by as I have had enough of caravan living and want to be in a house again – and here we are nearly there.

Thinking about it more in depth I’ve started to make little goals to work towards without conciously making them … if that makes sense?

Each morning I get up early and think about the day ahead @ the orchard and what work I will be doing, then the next thing I know it’s the end of the day and time to relax.

Then midweek I think about the weekends football coming up, and then it’s payday on Thursday, so that goes really quick, then it’s Friday and the last day of the week.

The weekends have been a blur of getting up on a Saturday and doing our weekly food shop, laundrette visit and football watching, then Sundays are our main day of chillaxation where we choose absolutely nothing to do and just chillax into it … then it’s Monday morning again!

I’m hoping September goes like that too as it means we’ll be finally able to afford to move out of the caravan.

We had wanted to move at the end of August but we both need to go to the dentist so we’re using being in the caravan for 1 more month to save up for a visit – which will be an expensive visit as we both need a couple of teeth working on.

We could just whack the fee’s onto the credit card but we want to only use it for emergencies and as it is nearly paid off and our teeth are not yet an emergency we are reluctant to put the bill onto the card, so staying in the van for another month makes more sense financially long term.

I’ve been reading a number of blogs lately on becoming financially independant, and although I’ve been an avid reader of Robert Kiyosaki and a number of other author’s who write on the subject, it’s quite amazing how many idea’s and thoughts people come up with.

They’ve mostly been American blogs, but I’ve been able to relate the info to the UK and they’ve been giving me lots of food for thought!

Something has definately changed in me the last few months since realising that I don’t want to work for money until I am 65 – well I say realise, but I’ve always known that but never really put much thought into it.

Mainly because I have been so happy in my current job at the Apple orchard, I’ve not really given the future much thought other than around what to plant and when to harvest it – but lately I’ve realised that I don’t want to work until my body gives up, nor do I want to be dependant on having to work to earn a living for the rest of my life.

There are so many things I want to do and none of them are possible whilst working at a normal job until I am 65 – so I’ve set myself a goal of being financially independant by the time I am 40, which gives me 6yrs and 10 months woooo, plenty of time!

I’ve decided to use the rest of this year to get myself back into society, in that I want to be living in a house again, and in a job that pays better wages than the one I’m in now.

I know I can cover all my basic expenses on the wage from the orchard, however, it doesn’t leave anything left over for investing in anything else that could create more money – and I’ve tried so hard over the last few months to come up with comprimises to create that extra money from my current wage, but all of them are just not acceptable – I want to keep a decent standard of living and that includes having running water and a dry roof over my head!

For me my home is where I am at, and if I’m not comfortable or happy at home, regardless of what happens during the work day, then I get stuck in a rut and don’t achieve the things I want to – no matter who helps me or how easy the goals are, if I’m not happy at home things just don’t happen else where.

So, there we are, that’s todays ramblings down and out of my head – just one thing to think of in the week ahead …. and that’s the 1yr anniversary of the death of our little sid.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we put our little sid to sleep, he was such a cool cat … old, a little smelly, not able to do much else but eat, sleep and poop, but he was our little old squizzle the cat and he was cooooool … but due to his previous owners not looking after him and abusing him we couldn’t do anything for him other than love him and spoil him for the few years he was with us ……  R.I.P Squizzle ….. we love you loads!!


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