Lifestyle changes mean sacrifices

Wowzers over a month has gone by since I lasted post on the blog – been a little off the ball lately, stuck in a rut almost.

It started just after my birthday at the beginning of July me and Dena had started talking about getting our own house and settling down finally, but we didn’t feel that we could do it whilst in farming as the wage just isn’t good enough.

Seeing as though we’ve spent the best part of 6 years looking for the job we have now, and have been here nearly 2 years it’s not an easy decision to make to decide that this isn’t going to get us where we want to be.

But I think we’ve had to be here for a few years, living in a caravan to allow us to realise the things we do and don’t really want, finding out what really makes us happy, and that although farming is our ideal job, in todays messed up world we are unable to live the way we want to from it.

We’ve found an area that we’d like to settle in, which is Somerset, but the job just doesn’t support even a modest lifestyle, we have to live pretty basically just to be able to afford some luxuries, and now that we’ve been thinking about getting our own house and settling down in this area we’ve come to realise that we’ll have to leave this job and get a higher paying one.

It won’t be hard finding a higher paying job, but it will be very hard to find one that gives us as much satisfaction as this one – there’s nothing quite like growing fruit and veg’s, seeing your work come to fruition quite literally!

I love working my nuts off during the day time, whether it’s planting fruit n veg’s or maintaining them or even picking them, and in all weathers and I love the feeling of being knackered at the end of the day physically, it just gives me a real sense of satisfaction – and all of which can be done with little to no stress what so ever, and yet lately I have had this niggling feeling in the back of my head that I won’t be here by the end of the year, it’s been kind of weird.

We’ve talked amongst ourselves about what we want to do, and having our holiday in Wales last week really allowed us time to talk about where we want to be in 5 years time and what we want to be doing, and unfortunately it doesn’t include still being here at the Apple orchard.

I think I’ve come to terms with it now, I realise that job wise I couldn’t ask for more from a job, but financially I can and that’s where this job falls down, I can’t live the lifestyle I now want to and it’s starting to frustrate me during the job – so it all makes sense really, it’s just been hard getting to this point.

So, here we are then at the end of July – where’s this year gone??  And we’re now looking for new jobs, I’ve decided that I only want to go back into driving as I really enjoy it, being busy delivering parcels is probably my second choice job after this one, and Dena is looking at shop work again and keeping an eye on her ideal office job – but for her office work is a last resort as she doesn’t feel that she can do office work any more, unless it’s for her ideal company: jewelery, ethnic clothing etc.

And that’s where we are.  Our aim is for me to have a job by the end of September, then we’re going to move into a house/flat again, then Dena is going to get a job and try to do so before Christmas, and at the latest to start at the beginning of the new year – egads, talking about the new year already!!

So, what have we been doing the last month or so, hmmm, let me see, picking fruit, picking veg’s and weeding, picking more fruit, picking more vegs and more weeding, picking….. there’s been a theme the last month or so, heh heh!

It’s been so dry aswell that a lot of fruit and veg plants just haven’t got as big as they normally do, nor fruit as much as they normally do – but we’ve made do with what we have and just got on with it.

It’s been so tiring working in this summer heat, I can’t remember a summer like this, but then my memory is pretty bad.  It is pretty hard-working in this heat though, sweating and feeling lethargic had been the continuing theme the last few weeks, but I wouldn’t change it for anything, I love the feeling after a hard days work like this … well, except for now that I realise we need to more money, heh heh!

Our 2 week holiday was great, it’s the first proper holiday we’ve taken for years.  Yes it was only Wales, but the cottage we stayed in was amazing, tucked away on the hills overlooking a valley, we couldn’t have asked for more seclusion.

We definitely felt refreshed after the 2 weeks off, but bloody hell did I feel knackered this week being back at work.  Although we didn’t exactly do nothing on holiday, we did take it easy – as you do, but being back at the orchard and picking fruit n vegs and weeding again has really knackered me out this week.  It’s amazing how quickly the body gets used to not doing something, my poor back and legs have really felt it this week, haha!

Anyhoo, that’s enough of that for today, it’s Saturday morning and we off to do some bits, Dena’s got a belly dancing class this morning so I get some peace and quiet for a few hours, wooo – think I’ll see if there’s any footy on TV … oh wait, the season hasn’t started yet, DAG NAMMIT … oh well only a few weeks to go, ooooh I’m so excited!


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