Summer is hear, which means Strawberries!

Yes – summer is finally here, hot days and warm evenings, perfect for living in a caravan!

It’s be a great few weeks lately, nice and hot during the day time so I’ve been wearing my shorts n t-shirts all day getting a nice tan, and then being able to relax outside the caravan under our new gazebo in the evenings – aahh, the gypsy life, heheh.

Well sowing has stopped and we’re now into Strawberry and Goosberry picking, great!

Strawberries are by far my favourite fruit I think, a nice hot sweaty day is made that much better by being able to have a nice fresh Strawberry milkshake in the evening mmmm ice cold raw milk and fresh warm Strawberries = grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, heh!

We’ve been pruning the crab Apple trees which are used to help pollinate the other Apple trees as they’ve been getting a bit over grown and shading some of them.  We’ve been laying down lots of straw around the other berry plants and also obviously the Strawberries – all to help stop the weeds growing.

Last week we we’re hoe’ing a load of weeds out from the newly planted Raspberry patch, eh gads that was hard work, hot and sweaty is a bit of an understatement, but it’s great to see the end product of nice clean lines of lickle Raspberry plants.

Our boss has been getting in at 5am most days to ensure the spraying of the Apple tree’s gets done – which should help stop any nasty bugs getting into the Apples and ruining them all.

Aside from the orchard we’ve not done a lot really, it’s been strange after work we’ve felt a bit tired, but after an hour or so’s rest we’ve been raring to go, so maybe we should take a rest each evening and then do more work … hmmm, maybe not!

The world cup is full on now, YES! Dag nammit I love having 3 matches a day every day to watch, just a shame England are not doing very well at the moment, but then neither are a number of other big teams so I’m not going to grumbly, it’ll come together soon, and if not the players will be coming home to a massive backlash, but I’m not thinking about that, they will get through Wednesdays match and into the final, then we’ll see what happens!

The car is just about to come out of the garage after me finding something wrong with one of the belts, took it to a local garage who said it was fine – I wasn’t sure about it so took it to another garage and they found the problem, so I know which one I will be using in the future!

Once we’ve got that back it’s going back in soon for a full service, which it hasn’t had since we’ve owned it.

We haven’t done much else on the caravan, but sometime in the next few weeks we’re getting the metal surround for the wood burner and it’s just a matter of putting the flue through the roof which should be fun.  We’ve got a couple of large water butts coming soon too, which be mainly for ensuring we have water of the winter as the orchards pipes tend to freeze!

We’re going to sell most of the large goods we’ve got in storage as we’re going to be here for a couple of years so it makes sense to get rid of them now, use the money for something right now and then in a couple of years we’ll get them all again … we both need to get our teeth checked out so the money will be put to good use.

Looking forward to our holiday we’ve book for the middle of July, we’re off to Alton Towers for a few days, and then to a cottage on the outskirts of Snowdonia in Wales, which will be great!

We’ve decided to treat ourselves this year with a proper holiday which we haven’t had since going to NZ 6 years ago – and then once we’re back it’s all about saving until summer next year, get a lump sum of money behind us and then see where we are at.

We’ve been thinking of various things we could do, either stay here in the UK and rent a cottage somewhere with a decent size garden, get some stuff growing and see if we can sell it, or we’re thinking of going to NZ on a special working holiday visa that is available, making the most of the opportunity now and then seeing what happens whilst we’re out there, or going to Canada to see about the possibilities of emigrating out there.

So we’ve got plenty to think about amongst ourselves, all of it pretty exciting but also not as it’s all so far in the future, well not really that far, only a year and a bit, but it still feels like a long way off – dag nammit I’m impatient.


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