Final touches on the caravan and loads of seed sowing

Well another 3 weeks have been and gone, the month of May has certainly flown by – being so busy @ the orchard does help and having lots to do in the caravan does too!

Time going by seems funny when I sit back and think about it – I’m not one for wishing time away, but the quicker the weeks go by, the more quicker our van gets completed and the sooner our savings begin totting up again.

We’re aiming to go to Canada in May next year, and saving money is obviously a neccesity of that aim – but seeing as though we’re having to spend all available money on getting the van in a livable state the savings side of going to Canada isn’t going anywhere yet.

We are nearly done on the caravan though, just got to get some heat deflectors for the stove, a big water tank and then we’ll be done spending money … hopefully, heh!

Here’s a couple of pics of the van now that we have done the ascents on the cupboard doors, and located the stove where we want it to go…

One lot of our cupboards with the green detailing on.

And above is our new wood stove, just got to install it now – which can wait as we’re in no hurry for the heat.

We’ve stashed some decent sized bits of Apple tree wood around the orchard so we’ll be collecting that all up soon and building a little wood keep for it all – but I think we’ll still need to buy in some wood over the winter as I don’t think we’ll have anywhere near enough to last us, heh!

It’s been really warm the last few weeks, which has highlighted what it will be like in the van over the summer months – bloody hot!

Even with all the windows open and the van in partial shade it still gets really hot during full sunshine, so we’ve been thinking about either putting some reflective paint on the roof, or putting some kind of shade netter over it – we’ll probably go for the shade netting so that it can be taken down after the summer and the van will be able to absorb any winter sun we get.

At the orchard we’ve been doing endless amounts of seed sowing – far too many plants to name, but to say that it goes in the thousands of potted plants would be an understatement.

I’m sure we are busier than last year in the amount of seeds we have been sowing – well I know we are from the fact that we have sold over double the amount of Strawberry plants than we did last year, Runner Beans and Tomatoes are probably the next most popular and then who knows what next, a bit of everything I think.

We’ve been planting out various summer and winter squashes along with the courgettes too, which will all grow massive over the next 3 months or so ready for harvest in September I think it will be.

But first comes the Berry season, which is nearly upon us, Goosberries first, then Strawberries then the rest of them … ooh I can’t wait, fresh Strawberries straight from the plant, all nice and warm and tasty YUM!


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