The caravan renovations are complete!

So here we are then, all moved out of the house and into the caravan, blimey what a few weeks its been!

One day we were beginning the renovations on the caravan and then next we had finished and we’re actually moving in, it’s gone so fast – with being busy at the orchard too, the last 3 weeks have been a blur!

We finished the van last weekend – the painting and the floor.  Well I say the painting, all of the main paint is on, we’ve still got to do the ascents on the cupboards in the various colours we have, but that can be done whilst living in it.

The floor was done by me on the Sunday just gone whilst Dena started packing up our house stuff, I think it all looks rather splendid now it’s done…


Caravan Bedroom/Kitchen - Complete!



Caravan Living Area - Complete!


The painting definitely took a lot longer than we first though – mainly because we had to put 2 coats of undercoat on as well as the normal paint.

The wood soaked up a lot more paint than we first thought it would, but we got there in the end and I reckon it looks grrrreat!

The flooring too took longer than we first thought, but mainly because we used the wrong type of wood to begin with.  It was too thin so when I screwed parts into the caravan main floor underneath, it left indentations in the floor.  When we put the vinyl floor tiles down the screws then showed through.

So I brought some slightly thicker wood and put this down on top of the thinner wood on the main walking areas, and then left the original as it was – as you can see from the bottom picture.  I had to leave it lower down otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to open the fridge or cupboards heh!

It didn’t take as long as we thought moving all our stuff out of the house and into the storage container we’re hiring in Glastonbury – although we definitely had way more stuff than I thought we did: and we even took stuff to some charity shops…

We’ve got no space left at all in the half container we’re hiring as the pic above doesn’t show the fridge or freezer in the space left … so it’s completely full.  Well I say completely we can still get a few things on top of stuff but other than that no big things – so bang goes Dena’s idea of using it to put anything she see’s for our house we want to build into it … we’ll have to get a full size one if that starts happening!

It’s nice to be in the caravan now that everything is done – it’s going to take a few weeks to get back into caravan living I think, simply because we need to adjust to having less space and not having the conveniences around us.

We’ve only got electric and gas in the van, so I can at least still run the laptop and watch my footy on satellite – which I set up yesterday, took me the best part of 3 hours: fiddling around with the angles etc!


Caravan satellite dish


The oven seems to work fine off the gas – but we’ll be testing it properly tonight for dinner so we’ll see for definite.  My pipe cutting from the old gas fire seems to be sealed ok with the stop end I put on – which was a bit fiddly but worth it so we can use the oven.

The little fridge doesn’t seem to be working in the van though – we plugged it into the electric yesterday and the light on the outside came on but the motor didn’t kick in, left it for a few hours but still nothing, so I’m going to look at that today and if it’s broken then we’ll have to make do with the works fridge up in the yard until we can get a small one for the van.

We’ve got to wait a couple of weekends for the big water storage tank I want to get, simply because we’ve run out of money at the moment, until we get our deposit back from the house that is.  Then we will at least have access to water a little easier than we do now – having to walk up to the yard with various containers etc.

Obviously not got the wood burner in yet either, again due to money – but I think we’ll be getting it in a few weeks so hopefully it won’t rain too much between now and then … although saying that it is forecast to piss down for the next few days at least – grrrreat!

So with all that done and dusted it’s been busy at the orchard too – potting up loads of plants and sowing loads more too.  All ready for the markets and shows coming up in the next month or so.

We planted out around 1000 strawberry plants in a new patch last week, it was a little tiring putting down the ground covering and then planting the little strawberry plants into the ground – bend and plant, bend and plant and streeeetch that back out, heh!

We’ve managed to join up to a local gym so we can at least have access to a shower on a regular basis.  It’s all fine being able to have a strip wash in the van, but after a few days you really need to have a proper wash – so we made the decision to join a gym and that way I can use the weights there and we can both make use of the jacuzzi as and when we are aching from a hard days work in the orchard.

Right, that’s me done – sat here now 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning listening to the rain hitting the roof of the caravan: which is actually quite relaxing: what will today bring … success for my footy team hopefully!


2 thoughts on “The caravan renovations are complete!

  1. Caravan Aerial 06/05/2010 / 8:42 am

    Great post, and pics. I found your site on google and will certainly be back for updates. Thanks

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