The caravan renovations begin!

Wooo weee, what a few weeks it’s been, they’ve flown by we’ve been so busy on the caravan renovations….


Caravan Bedroom/Kitchen- Before



Caravan Living Area - Before


Thats what the van looked like before we began the destruction renovations, and this is where we are at, which is about half way I think….


Caravan Bedroom/Kitchen- Halfway



Caravan Living Area Floor


We’ve taken out the old pink/red carpet that was in it and have put down some inch thick polystyrene for added insulation against the cold.

Then we’ve whacked some plywood down on top of this on top of which we are putting some nice shiny floor tiles – mainly for the ease of cleaning, but also because we think it looks nicer!

We’ve managed to get 3/4 of the first under coat of paint onto all the wood in the van, and we’re just waiting on the delivery of the next batch of paint as we didn’t order enough – and it’s nice Auro eco paint so it’s got no solvents in it and it smells nice, heh!

We’ve also put up a porch this weekend too….

We realised last year when living in the small van we had that it really needed a porch so that we could take off our wet weather gear outside and get into the van dry and not get it soaking wet.

We though initially that we could get the porch up on Saturday, but by mid afternoon we realised it was taking longer than we thought – mainly because we didn’t get the right size nails and wood, so we had to make a couple of trips to the shops, but it only took another few hours on Sunday to get it finished off.

But by-jove did my arms ache after whacking the wood posts into the ground and then screwing all the screws into place to fix the posts and the corrugated plastic roofing!

Anyway, it’s up now and I think it’s straight and wind resistant, only time will tell!

I think we’ll be nearly done by the end of next week, once we start the 2nd undercoat we’ll hopefully have that finished by Wednesday evening, and then onto the main colour and the aim is to have that done by Thursday evening so that we can finish the flooring on Friday …. thats the plan anyway, not sure it’ll turn out that way considering how things have gone so far, heh heh.

On top of all that I’ve ripped out the old gas fire in the van, and a cabinet above it, ready to put a wood stove in…

It took a fair while to get the gas fire out, what with all the piping and fixings etc.

I’ve just got to get some stop ends and stuff to seal off the gas pipe underneath the van and then some slabs and bricks to go on the floor to put the wood stove on top off.

Not sure if it will take the weight of the wood stove just yet, but it has a main support beam right under the floor where we want it to go, so fingers crossed it will, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to put some extra supports under the van if needs be …. at least I hope so anyway!

And thats about as far as we have got right now, 2 weeks it’s taking us to do all that … working our normal job till 5pm every day then doing about 2-3hrs work straight after each evening, well infact another 5-6hrs each weekwend too.

Like I said, it’s taken us longer than we first thought it would, but we are learning as we go along and theres no point rushing something  that needs to be done right.

Work wise we’ve just started the last of the pruning I think, which is good and bad … good in that it’s been a long few months doing the pruning in the freezing cold, but bad in that the weathers just turned really nice and sunny so it’s really enjoyable pruning.

We’ve been potting up loads of different veg’s to go into the tunnels, Strawberrys, Asparagus, Artichokes, Tomatoes, Runner Beans, Sweet Pea’s, various Lettuce varieties and loads of other stuff too … a lot of it already going out to the markets as it’s been so nice and warm that they are all growing really quickly.

Anyhoo, thats that for todays entry, spose I better get some beauty sleep, although a vampire movie is about to start … blood and guts and naked ladies …. just how I like it … ahem, yeah anyway….


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