Brought our 2nd home – a 25ft caravan!

Yesterday we received the caravan, all 25ft of it, and reluctantly handed over a months worth of hard earned cash, but it was well worth it….

That’s what a months worth of our current wage looks like, all £1500 of it, and thats our new home on the right – brilliant!

We’ve got a fair bit to be doing on it, cleaning for a start as it hasn’t been used for a long while, but everything seems ok with it, no damp patches, hardly any degrading of the main shell of the van, infact it seems it pretty good nick really.

The only thing that needs doing to the main shell is the door needs sorting out as it hangs a bit lower than it should and I reckon rain will get in the top of it if the wind blows a certain way, but its not a big job and shouldn’t take too long to sort out.

We went to Glastonbury yesterday morning to have a look at some of the eco paint by Auro.  The shop we went to didn’t have a great selection of tester pots, but enough for Dena to get 4 colours that she liked, so we’ll have a little twiddle during the week and she can make up her mind which one she likes and hopefully we can order some on the net and get em delivered before this coming weekend so we can do some painting over easter.

Ooooh, it’s so exciting … does that make me sad though, to get excited about renovating a caravan?


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