Go away rain and comeback sun she-iiiine: I love spring!

Blimey, spring is upon us: where’d it come from?

One minute it was cold and snowy, next minute it’s mild and wet (ahhh the british spring!) … this last few weeks have as usual flown by, been busy pruning Egremont Russet trees and doing a multitude of other tasks around the orchard as always.

We’ve got some new Elsanta Strawberries ready to go into the ground next week and we had to whack a load of myopex down on a half acre plot to plant them into, well we’ve done half of it before the rolls ran out, so we’ve got that to look forward to next week.

We heeled in about 1000 Joan J Autumn Raspberry canes over another half acre plot, which was great fun in the rain making all the soil heavy and solid … but still satisfying once it was all done.

It’s been nice not having to wear the thermals for the last few weeks, made moving around a lot easier now that I haven’t been the size of the mitchelin man!!

It’s been quite a knackering few weeks, but at the end of each day I always feel satisfied and more than happy to be sat on my arse for the evening – it’s strange how being so physically active in the day time makes you appreciate doing nothing in the evenings even more!

So, we won the auction for the 27ft caravan and it’s being delivered tomorrow, woooo!

Funny how a month or so ago we wanted to stay in a house, or more to the point a cottage – and a caravan was out of the question: and yet here we are a month away from going back into a van again, things work out funny sometimes!

We’re off to Glastonbury first thing to get some eco paint for the inside of the van.  We’ve been doing a lot of research and Auro seem to be the best company for eco paints, they seem to have the best feedback, but also what they put in the paint (or more important;y don’t!) is an important thing for us – they seem to be the most transparent with their ingredients: and the have a good range of colours which is good.

Next weekend being Easter weekend means we’ll get a couple of days extra off work so we’ll use that time to do the painting and also a bit of renovation work on the van – we want to get as much done before we move into it at the end of April, then hopefully by the end of May we’ll have the wood burner installed too and we’ll be all comfy … well, cept for the pallet decking, porch over the door, water tank installation, wild flower raised bed making, wood stack shelter…. hmmm, maybe we won’t be completely comfy by the end of May then, heh!


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