Pruning Apples Trees and eating Chocolate – life is good!

Blimey another few weeks have been and gone, it’s funny how time seems to go really quickly sometimes, and we’ve not even been doing much else other than pruning, sleeping, pruning, sleeping and more pruning!

We’ve been pruning every day for the last few weeks, plowing through it all.  It’s not as daunting as last year though, probably because we know what to expect from last year.

The constant repetition of using secateurs and a hand saw really do give you aching muscles in your arms that you didn’t know you had.   Most mornings I wake up with a cramped hand from using the secateurs so much and it takes about 20 minutes for my hands to warm up and stop aching.

Even once at work it takes about an hour to get really going again, it’s surprising how much the muscles ache from the day before.

It’s been especially hard this week as we’ve been pruning Falstaff Apple trees which seem to have a denser wood and it definately makes a difference when trying to saw through a branch or 60!!

It’s been nice enough weather which has made it a little easier.  The sun has been shining a lot too which is great, spring is properly on the way, can’t wait!

We’ve managed to find ourselves a caravan on ebay, just got to wait to get it.

We had decided a few weeks ago to forget about getting a caravan and instead go into another house, having talked about not wanting to put most of our stuff into storage again, but since then we’ve realised that it’s too good an opportunity to turn down.  Being able to save the money we can in a caravan means that no matter what we have to give up from a house it is definately worth it.

So, like I said we’ve found a van we want.  It’s a 27 footer and we just need to win the auction and get it delivered now.  Then we can start work on it, take some cupboards out, give it a lick of paint to brighten it up, whack a stove in it for heating and we’ll be away!

We’ve been stashing some bigger bits of the Apple wood we’ve been cutting down.  Should be good enough to burn once it gets cold towards the end of the year.  Apple wood is supposed to be good for burning in stoves, a slow burn giving plenty of heat and with a pleasant smell of Apples, sweet!

Ahhhh, making the most of working hard during the week by doing feck all this weekend, just sat around surfing the net and watching footy and formula 1, oh and eating chocolate mmmmmmm.


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