The journey you never knew you were on.

Blimey, another few weeks have flown by and I’ve not posted for a while again on me diary – obviously I am becoming a more balanced and well round human being and I don’t need to write down my thoughts: ha ha what a load of bollocks!

We’ve been pruning a lot over the last few weeks, and it’s been a tad knackering but great to be out in the orchard for prolonged periods again – after all the months in the barns grading Apples.

It’s amazing what a difference having the right clothing for pruning makes.

Last year we didn’t find some nice gloves until near the end of the pruning, nor did we find any decent thermals either.

But this year we’ve got the gloves at the beginning of the season and found some decent thermals – so we’ve not been getting as many blisters on our hands from the constant secature use or getting cold from not having enough layers on, it’s amazing what difference a decent set of thermals makes.

So, we’re another few weeks closer to moving out of the house which is good but weird at the same time.

Part of me wants to continue on in the comfort and convenience that a house brings, but another part of me knows that I really want to save some money and get my own bit of land and build me a house all of my own.

So it makes sense that the sooner we can start saving some proper money then the sooner that will come along!

We’ve been trying to work out some rough figures in the last few weeks of how much we might need for some land and to build our cob house and we’ve given ourselves 4 years to come up with the money.

Which sounds a long time, but for what it will get us it really isn’t.

We know that we only want a small bit of land and we will build our house from cob and strawbales so that means we will need a lot less money than most people who buy there own houses do.

But 4 years is still a long time to wait for something knowing that so much can happen during that time and how much we now realise that this is almost like the final chapter in our journey.

When I say the final chapter what I mean is that during the middle part of our 12 years together we both started noticing how things had happened in our lives and we felt that rather than things happening accidentally it was almost as if we were in a story or on a journey.

And ever since we realised this or should I say accepted it our lives have gone a long a path we never thought they would when we first met.

Now that we are both gaining the land based skills that we have wanted to for years we feel that we are really moving along this journey quicker than ever before and that the conclusion of the journey logically feels like owning our own land and building our own house.

I’m sure that this journey will take yet another diversion somewhere along the lines, but it will still lead to the same conclusion I’m sure of it – although what the ultimate conclusion will be I don’t know … life after death perhaps?


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