All go at the orchard and we’re going back into a caravan – again!

So February is upon us and 2010 is flying by already, spring will soon be here and we’re already getting plants potted up in the orchard ready for sale to our customers.

We’ve not been pruning as much as last year, mainly because the 2 main workers at the orchard have been off ill and we’ve had to do their jobs in the yard – it’s been kind of nice as it has broken up the work week and meant that we’ve always been doing something different than just pruning all the time.

Which is good really as pruning isn’t my favourite of jobs in orchard.  I’m aware that it’s an important part of the work at the orchard – seeing as though it’s got over 30 acres of Apple trees but at the same time I just don’t enjoy it as much as all the other work we have to do.

I enjoy the cutting off of the bigger branches and the tops of some of the Apple trees as that means I have to use a fair bit of agility to get in amongst the branches etc but I don’t enjoy the fiddlyness of cutting off the crossing over shoots and spacing that needs to be done, it’s just not energetic enough for me.  But it’s got to be done so I get on with it … siiigh life is so hard at times, heh!

We’ve been potting up Strawberry and Rubarb this last week and we now have several thousand of each in the tunnels, it looks quite amazing to see row upon row all potted up.

We’ve also received a load of small fruit plants ready to be potted up – Blackcurrants, Raspberrys and Gooseberrys.  And a load of bare rooted Apple trees all needing heeling in.  Which was exhausting work – digging two 30ft trenches for them to go in!

We’re just about coming to the end of the Apples – I think we’ve got Cox’s Orange Pippin and some Egremont Russet’s left and thats it – from over 60 tonnes worth we’re down to the last few tonnes and then it’s straight onto the plants, better get potting up quick!

So – outside of work things have been trudging on.  Both me and Dena have realised that we’re not happy enough in our new shiny house.  It’s nice have a proper roof over our head, heating and a nice shower etc, but we’re not happy here with all the shiny new stuff seeing as its a new build, we’d rather be in an old cottage somewhere more in the countryside and on top of that we’re not saving enough money either.

Although we are actually saving money it’s not enough to get another business off the ground – and as we’ve got a few ideas running around our heads it’s a little frustrating not having the savings building up quick enough.  We could of course borrow the money, but we’ve sworn that we will never borrow money again and seeing as though we’ve been debt free for a number of years now it’ll only be in a last resort scenario that we would borrow again – and probably only for some land at that.

So the end of April it is when we’ve got to be out of the house and we’re going back into a caravan.  This time we’ll get a bigger one and get a wood burner installed and make sure it’s got a shower in – going for a shower in the pouring rain and freezing cold wasn’t fun last year, although it was great in the summer it wasn’t when we had gale winds and I was trying to wash with the shower tent blowing all over the place, heh!


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