New year wizzing by and Apple pruning begins in earnest!

Wowzers, can’t believe it’s nearly the end of January already, this year is already wizzing by, so enthralled in working at the orchard – too tired coming home to do much else and time is flying.

Been busy at the orchard as always.  Still grading Cox’s Orange Pippin Apples for the farm shop, trade orders and farmers markets, and a few weeks ago we begun the massive task of pruning the 40 odd acres at the orchard – we’ve not got to prune them all as a few other members of staff will go out ocassionally and prune themselves, but the bulk of it we will have to do.

We’ve started on the Cox’s Orange Pippin first off this year – I think mainly because they didn’t get a good prune last year, but also because there is a fair bit of canker around so we need to get it asap.

It’s been really good to get out in the orchard again.  We’ve been in the barn grading apples for about 2 months or so now and it’s just nice to see wide open spaces again!

I’ve been quite knackered the last few days of this week.  Forgot how tired pruning makes you – get home and sit down for a few hours then when go to get up and realise how stiff my body is, heh!

So – only 3 months until we move house again.  We’ve decided that a new shiny house isn’t for us and we miss a country cottage or house.  Something with a bit of character and something out of the way a bit.

We’ve just had neighbours move into the house next to us and it’s strange as we haven’t had neighbours for a few years.  It’s quite annoying that people don’t know what door handles are for!

Both of us didn’t think we would miss having a garden, but we do.  The thinking was that we would get all the outdoor nature stuff we need from the orchard, but we definately miss having some outside space at home.

Finally sold the old Peugeot estate. Some guy had a small garage and thought he could fix her up, so off she’s gone to a new home after having a good 4 years with us – sad to see it go, but can’t get too attached to a car, heh!

Got rid of the Xbox too – didn’t really need the money but it seemed silly having it laying around not being played because I was too tired from work. And I know when I do play it I play for 8hrs or more at a time as I get so addicted to it – so off it’s gone to a new home.

We’ve been talking about starting our own growing business of some kind, selling plants and vegs etc – something to work towards in the next few years.

It’s about the only thing that makes sense for us to create a 2nd income, nothing else interests us – so it kind of makes sense we’ll need a garden to do it properly!

Ran over a few business ideas to do on the net in the last few weeks but we couldn’t get motivated by any of them – then when we decided on the plant growing I realised that it was the thing I wanted to do the most so just got to find a nice country house/cottage to do it from now.


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