Christmas time – mistletoe and bugger off!

Dag nammit I hate the Christmas busyness!

I don’t hate Christmas per se – but I do hate all the consumerism and general madness of it all.

Everyone seems to rush around like its the end of the world and they have to buy everything as quickly as possible – why?

Chill out, lift your head out of your arse and take a look around.

I’ve done that a lot recently – been amongst the mad crowd and just slowed myself down, lifted my head up to look at everything and it all becomes a bit more peaceful.

It’s quite funny watching people, there mannerisms etc.

I found myself almost having an outer-body experience last weekend, stood there amongst the crowds of people rushing by and I felt like I was floating above everyone, looking down on them, watching them – it was quite peaceful really.

I was able to block out all the noise and distractions and observe everything and everyone – it was quite kool.

Anyways – been manic at the Orchard the last few days, pumping out boxes of Apples for customers, grading tonne after tonne of Apples too, and getting freezing cold fingers to boot!

Only 5 more sleeps and we’re off to Malta, wooo – no idea what we’re taking yet, will leave that until tomorrow I think, have a lazy Sunday, get a few things ready, but generally laze around in my underwear, or if I turn the heating up – naked!

Got the Pug hatchback back from the garage today, that’s all our savings now gone – oh well, I’ll have to make some more money somehow.

Freelancing seems to be going OK, got a few jobs on the go, just have to wait to see if they pay off, only time will tell.


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