I’m still here, I’ve not killed myself

After yesterdays post I thought I’d better post again today, just to say that I’m still here and haven’t topped myself.

Man that was a depressing post yesterday, dag nammit I love writing my thoughts down, how egotistical am I, wooo!

My head is so fucked up its amazing.  Today I’m feeling absolutely fine.  Couldn’t give a toss about anything else going on in the world cept my own problems.  If I can help anyone else I will, otherwise fuck em they can help themselves.

I must have needed to get yesterdays writing off my chest, and now today I feel grand.

Looking to the future things are as good as they have ever been, I’ve got the job that keeps me active in the day time, and deals with my want to work with the environment/nature/food and then I can come home in the evening to a warm house, with the bits of technology that I want, and do what ever I want to.

Life really is good, I’ve got everything I’ve asked for over the last few years.

Now time to enjoy what I have, and to push on to the next level.  My aim is to have an extra income on top of my day time earnings by the end of April 2010.

I say April 2010 simply because that’s when the Working Tax Credits run out and we lose a big chunk of our income, so I have to replace it some how, otherwise we have to move out of where we are living and also shrink our outgoings a little too.

I could of course just leave my job at the Orchard and find a higher paying job, but that wouldn’t make me happy I don’t think.  Although like I said yesterday I have thought about driving for a job again, and I’m pretty sure I could earn more money doing that, but would I be as happy and as active?

I know I wouldn’t be as active as I would spend the most time sat on my ass driving around, duh! … but I think I would be as happy as I really enjoy driving, regardless of where it is or who for, but I think I would start to miss being out doors with the fruit n vegs etc, well at least I think I would.

Anyway, I’m going to try and create a 2nd income outside of the Orchard job and see how that goes, if by April 2010 I haven’t been able to do that then and only then will I start to think about looking for a higher paying job.

Only 14 days from today exactly and I’ll be in Malta wooo … I’m definitely hoping for some mild weather whilst we are there, to get away from this bloody cold weather here in the UK.

Hmmm, maybe I should look for a farm job in a warmer country….


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